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10 Helpful Tips to Make Trigonometry Questions Simple

by Dec 30, 2016Mathematics

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the angles and lengths of a triangle. It is very important for a student to understand the various condition of a triangle through trigonometry. With the help of normal formulae of perimeter or area, you cannot find out the various solution of a triangle.

Now, trigonometry needs a proper knowledge, so you should have the exact way to study along with the formulas. In case of difficulties, you must follow some tips to make it perfect. What are the perfect tips to make your trigonometry questions simple? These are as follows –

  1. Read a question very carefully

Reading a question is very important or the first need to make your question simple. Complications always increase your confusions because when you do not understand a question. Now, the most important thing is what a question desires.

In mathematics, you will get the answer as well as the way of solution by reading the related question very carefully. It is always important to make questions simple by understanding it. So, be careful and you will get that how your complex or incomprehensible question will be simple.

  1. Proper knowledge of a triangle and its basic parts

Trigonometry is related to the study of a triangle. Thus you must understand various part of its study. These are basically length, base and height.

In addition, you will also need to know about the angles. So, in case you know about the various angles you can easily consider the way of finding out. Now, when a student reads a question the basic needs go with angles or length, base or height. All questions will be simple if you have knowledge about a perpendicular triangle and various formulas related to it.

  1. Basic factors of trigonometry

Sinq, Cosq, Tanq, Secq, Cosecq and Cotq are the most common and requisite factors of trigonometry.

Without these factors you are unable to find out any angle as on the basis of angle and sides you will get the exact solution. So, the first thing you have to do before you start doing trigonometry is to understand the basic factors of trigonometry. After getting proper knowledge, you will get each question is simpler for you.

  1. Various formulas related to trigonometry

You must understand that trigonometry needs the exact knowledge of the various formulas. In case you don’t have proper knowledge of these formulas, then you will not be able to solve the problems.

The various questions related to addition, multiplication, subtraction and division of these factors in squares and in the form of square roots. So, learn each formula by practicing it every day. These formulae are completely different than others. Now, you can easily understand that how to apply for the right place.

  1. Try to solve with simple questions

With the help of simple questions, you can understand the basic of trigonometry. You can easily get that how to solve simple question. In case of getting simple question, you must follow the formulas and then you will get the exact matter of a question.

  1. Draw each time you get a question

In case of any question, you must draw a triangle and then related with its related question. If you do not have proper knowledge about its solution, then you will get its perfect solution with the help of its draw. You should write its proper magnitudes provided and then you will also get which is the requisite need for that question.

  1. Write down the provided measurements and then also write what to find out in solution

After going through a question, you must write down that what are the provided magnitudes, and if you do not get anyone, then find out with the help of proper formula. Now, always think that what the final requirement of a question is. You should need to write in a proper way and then you need to find out everything properly.

  1. Spot the difference in case of proof

If you need to proof in trigonometric problems, then you have to understand and relate both sides. Many times LHS or the Left Hand Side is completely complex and then students get confused. In that case, you just need to go with RHS or the Right Hand Side.

Always try to describe the RHS in terms of LHS and with the help of proper formulae you can easily find out that. So, first of all know where the difference is and then try to come where the similarities are.

  1. Each identity of trigonometry has two sides, work on that

Always know the importance of identity. If a student faces any problem in a question where he is unable to get a requisite answer with an identity, then he needs to go with its other side.

It means if you have a question and with an identity, suppose Cosq, and you are not its solution in a proper way, then it will be better to go with its other side. This is 1/ Secq. So, it is an effective point for all students who get the problem. Each identity has the same form.

  1. Try to work out with equivalent identities

Suppose you have Cos2q, then you can assume it in different ways as 1-Sin2q or 1/ Sec2q or with different formulas which can make everything perfect according to your need.

So, in case a student thinks how to make everything simple, then he can easily complete different problems related to trigonometry. These above points make your questions as well as its related solution simple.