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10 Best Homework Excuses Ever for Not Doing Homework

by Apr 20, 2016Homework Help

I am not sure about all students, but at least few of them might have submitted homework late when studying in school and to avoidgetting into any trouble, they might have given best homework excuses ever to their teachers for not completing homework on time. Well, I had gone through this situation many times, so I suggest not to use the same excuse every time as your teacher may not show you sympathy next time.
“A man of excuses already displayfailure.”
If you are like me who often forget to do homework on time, then this list of homework excuses may help you to bail out. Let’s have a look at the list of best homework excuses ever.
A list of best homework excuses ever –

  1. Homework? I really don’t remember I have given any

You probably remember that you have given homework to do, but your teacher may not know that. So why should you not take this opportunity?

  1. My pet dog ate my homework papers

Though it does not seem a workable excuse, if you really have a pet dog, you can try this excuse once. At least 1% chance is there it can work. If it fails somehow, you need to look for another excuse.

  1. I thought my homework papers were in my bag, but I think I left it at home accidentally

Of course, you can leave your copy at home by accident. This is a great excuse with which you can surely convince your teacher. I tried this excuse few a times, and I succeeded.

  1. I did not understand the homework tasks you have given to me. Could you please explain to them so that I can give a second try

This excuse works reallygreat for math or science based homework rather than literature subjects. It is also a good excuse to extend the deadline for homework submission especially when you are really finding it difficult to understand the questions of your homework.

  1. My computer crashed suddenly, and I forgot to save my work

As today more and more people take the help of computer based software to complete homework, this is an appropriate excuse for those having unfinished homework. This is one of the best homework excuses ever.

  1. I got too much homework on science subject to complete, so I have not got enough time to do other homework

This may not seem a good excuse, but if you really get overburdened with any subject homework that you have not got enough time to do other homework of teachers, you can surely give this reason. Too much workload is not a good thing.

  1. I think I was not present on that day when homework was given

You might not be present in the class when the homework was given out. Even your class teacher can make it confirm by checking the attendance register. This canbe considered as one of the best homework excuses ever.

  1. I was busy with extra-curricular activities at school, and so I didn’t get enough time to do homework

If you were busy with any extra-curricular activities of theschool, why should you not use this point as an excuse for not completing homework on time?It is a believable one excuse.

  1. I have been sick for the past few days, and so, I have not completed any of my assigned tasks

This is one of the best homework excuses ever. When you are sick and feverish, how can teachers expect that you can complete your homework on time?

  1. Tell the truth

When you use all these excuses, it is the time to use your triumph card by telling the truth to the teacher. On this occasion, your teacher may appreciate your truth rather than giving any unbelievable excuse. This you can use when you are feeling extremely desperate or sincere.
Hope this list of best homework excuses works for you. But remember, the more you use these excuses, the more you become inattentive to your studies. Therefore, just to make it better, you should submit your homework on time.
“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.”
How can you move forward with your homework?
Always give  priority to homework
I am sure you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to make lame excuses over and over again. If you give unreliable excuses over and over again, you are most likely to catch on by your teacher. Therefore, you should give an effort to prioritize your assigned tasks to avoid any future issue.

  • Try to do homework every day after school. Don’t get too much involved with playing video games or any other things.
  • Prepare a list of assignments you have to complete. However, you should make sure that you write down the papers only after getting afinal command from the teacher.

Take outside help
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Still, if any day you forget to finish your homework on time and want to avoid being penalized, try out best homework excuses ever that sound like believable reasons for not completing assignments on time.