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What is a1-in-k systematic sample?

In one sentence, the method of selection of items from a given data is systematic sampling. The statistical formula of this selection process is k = N/n.It is done by selecting members from a large populationfollowing a very systematic strategy.

In the1-in-k system, any first element of k series is selected randomly, andthen, every k th element is chosenstarting from that random selection.

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Two techniques of sample selection:

Mainly two procedures are used to do the selection from the sample:

  1. Systematic Sampling Method

Where a very methodical procedure is followed.

  1. Random Sampling Method

Where theselectionis done through random picks.


Systematic sampling methodhas some advantages.

Few points listed below:-

  • Unlike the random choose, this process has a systematic approach towards selection.
  • Statisticians have much control over the selection process.
  • Systematic sampling is useful for research work that has a rigid framework.
  • This is a simple method easy to understand, execute.
  • Here, the interval between the selected elements is common.


  • The heterogeneous population is a problem towards sampling.
  • If in case the interval count coincidentally matches any unknown common feature, then the odd ones are left
  • In this method, the size of the whole sample should be known to the researcher. Or else he won’t be able to do a systematic selection.
  • There is a chance that data can get manipulated.

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