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1-In K Systematic Sample Homework Answers – A Vital Topic under Statistics

by May 24, 2017Homework Solution

Whether you want to become a scientist or and industrialist, an entrepreneur or a musician, every field needs the knowledge of Statistics to be applied appropriately. And, to have that perfect approach in analyzing your information, receiving the right guidance in finding out 1- in k systematic sample homework answers is highly essential.

There exists no subject which is complete without Statistics. Every subject has an area where Statistical techniques need to be implemented. One of the most important topics under sampling theories is 1- in k systematic sampling.

What Is Systematic Sampling?

To make it precise,it is a method by means of which data analysis of ‘n’ number of elements(population) is carried out based on the information(or list) gathered about that population. This method is very useful when the population is very huge.

The method explained here is of equiprobability approach. This concept can be applied only to the population which consists of logical homogeneity.

To start with, a sub part of the population is considered which is called a sample. This sample is not picked up randomly but systematically. Next, the interval size ‘k’ is calculated by dividing the population size with the sample size.

It is always easier to understand the concept when taught with real- life examples. So, let me clarify the concept with the illustration given below.This will also help you with 1- in k systematic sample homework answers.

Consider there are 2000 students in a college. This number (2000) is the population of the college students. The authorities want to organize a party for all these students. The party organizer wants to know the food choices of all the students. Definitely its quite difficult to ask each one of them.

Hence, here the planner chooses for instance a sample of 20 students.To get a systematic sample, first, an ordered list of all 2000 students is made. Next, the interval size k is calculated by dividing the student population (2000) by the number of students in the sample (20). This can be expressed mathematically as 2000/20 = 100.

Now, the number 100 is the interval size k. At last, starting at any one student from the first sample of students, every 100th student is selected from the list until a figure of 20 is reached.This is how systematic sampling is done.

Importance of Systematic Sampling in Real World

It is necessary to know the significance of 1- in k systematic sample concept before learning it.

This method is used in priority for critical scientific research studies. It is also used in constructing business ethics and framework.

This concept can be used in finding out the winner of the presidential elections.The method makes the analysis very easy when it comes to calculations in thousands.

 It can be used to analyze data in credit card transactions. A fraudulent transaction can be spotted with the help of this concept.

If a supermarket wants to understand the shopping pattern of its customers, systematic sample method can be used. This way the  products in demand can be made easily available.

Systematic sampling is easy to execute and provides answers without ambiguity. Hence,this nature of the concept is pivotal in putting through various studies and surveys.

Why Is 1- In K Systematic Sample Homework Answers Necessary?

If you want to grow your career in the field of Economics, Finance or Statistics, systematic sampling is very important. Nevertheless, there is no profession which doesn’t need to maintain its finance and statistics. Therefore, it is important for every student to have the knowledge of Statistics.

Mere learning of concept at school/college is not enough. To sustain the knowledge of the concept, its application and result, it is necessary to find 100% accurate 1- in k systematic sample homework answers.

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