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Why Do Students Think Homework Excuses Make Them Smarter?

by Jun 21, 2016Homework Help

You will never find a student who is willing to do homework even if he is an excellent student. Everyone find it troublesome, and they always look for excuses that can help them in avoiding this. Sometimes they come up with silly and funny excuses like –

  • I didn’t remember getting any homework.
  • I forgot to bring it.
  • It was saved on my computer, and it crashed.
  • My dog ate my homework.

Let’s find out why they are unwilling to work on their assignment instead of making excuses.
It is boring
If you are not an outstanding student, then you must know the feeling of getting homework. A lot of students believe that homework is something very annoying. Many things are more interesting and captivating than doing homework. This is one of the primary reasons behind making excuses for avoiding homework. This is easy enough to make an excuse and save yourselves from wasting your time in doing something that is boring where you can enjoy a lot of free time in doing something exciting and something you like to do.
What to do?
Another reason why students find making excuses better than doing homework is that they don’t know what to do. Sometimes they don’t understand the instructions or meaning that is why they find their assignment tight and find themselves stuck. They don’t get the idea just by one or two examples explained in classes because not every problem has a similar procedure for getting an answer.
It is tough
Another thing that student say and often find true is the difficulties. Sometimes students don’t find any help or hint, and they don’t even know where they can get help. There is all sort of student some of them are an average student who needs some help for finishing their assignment. Giving easier task or some help or advice can assist them in completing their tasks. The teacher should encourage them for group studies so that they can get help from their friends and co-students.
It is very easy
One of the most wonderful excuse or reason for making an excuse for avoiding homework is it is very easy. At least for someone sometimes an assignment looks like very easy and can be done anytime without stress. This thinking leads to them in avoiding it to last moment. Sometimes it leads to them to the deadline where they don’t find much time to finish it up, so they find making excuses one of the easiest ways.
Don’t have ideas
Sometimes they understand what they need to do, but they don’t find ideas. It makes them completely blanks. That is why unwilling they have to try making excuses to getting rid of their homework.
It is not important
Sometimes they have other things that are more important than homework for them.fo example for athletes qualifying matches are more important than their classroom assignment. At the same time, sometime student are busy with something else that comes top on their priority list. In such situation, they find excuses as a smarter way to avoid their assignment and get extra time for other activities.
Forgot what they are up to
Sometimes they forgot what they were up to. It is something common. It can be included as human nature. In such a situation they don’t have any other option than making excuses for not doing their task.
Don’t have time
Often student doesn’t get time for finishing their work. This is the result of bad time management. They expend their time in doing useless things or enjoying out with friends without realizing that they have the assignment to finish. This bad time management leads them towards finding excuses for avoiding punishment or bad marking.
A way of rebellion
Often students or a group of students using avoid doing assignments as a mean of protesting against their teacher. For resolving his issue teachers are required to give appropriate reactions to their demands.
It is useless
At a point of time student finds that doing homework is of no use. They don’t find any improvement in their academic growth. This is why they start avoiding it and making justifications for avoiding it.
It’s childish
At a particular time phase, a student finds it silly. According to them, they are grown up and know what is got for improving their academic growth. They don’t need to do homework like small kids or elementary students.
Don’t have place
Some students give justification that they are unable to work on their task because they don’t have a proper or peaceful place for that. For getting rid of this issue, institutions are required to provide some areas where a student can get time for finishing their task.
Lack of equipment
Sometimes a student doesn’t have proper equipment like computers or other materials that they are required for completing their assignment. In this case, they don’t have an option other than making a justification.
Now you must have got an idea why student finds making excuses smarter than doing homework. You will also get to know 11 ways to explain homework at schools are essential to make them do their homework.