When it comes to the programming industry then women have always been in minority. Then does this mean that programming languages are crafted just for men or are there any specific languages that can be termed as female friendly. To know more about this you need to know what those languages are that have been popularized as female friendly. But before that let’s understand what are those features that makes any particular language female friendly.
Programming language is a computing language that is meant to create scripts, applications or any other function sets that can be executed by computers. So, what does this language has to do with male or female? The idea here is not about being gender friendly, but its more about the preferences of the gender.

Skilful female programmers who wish to play it safe in the programming industry like to have potent programming languages handy. Instead of getting tangled with complicated syntax, coding and operations of innumerable languages, they just have a few picks and stick to them until they remain to flourish in this industry. Now, it’s time to discover what the most female friendly programming languages are.

COBOL is an exclusive programming language that is used for finances, business and administrative works of private and government organizations.  This language was developed 59 years ago, and has is recorded to have over 200 billion lines, out of which 80% are dedicated for business. Therefore, there is quite a lot packed in this legacy of programming languages.

Talking about preferences, COBOL is an absolute female friendly. There are many women across the world who have always appreciated the flexibility, interface and user friendly operations of this language that has allowed them to provide proficient results.

2. Java
Java is an easy to use programming language that holds a myriad of feature sets, but needs little dependency of implementations from the programmer, and this is something that women love about it. No abstracts, less work and ultimately peace of mind. The hustle of working with a programming language becomes next to nil when you have Java by your side. Therefore, as of 2015 it is declared to be one of the most popular programming languages amongst females.

3. Smalltalk
Smalltalk is a dynamic programming language developed by Diana Merry and Adele Goldberg. It is a reflective type of programming that is coined to be the new world of computation, better defined in terms of the symbiosis between human and computer.

Smalltalk is literally an easy to go with programming language that is encrypted with minimal syntax based on just a handful of declaration and can be reserved with words. As a matter of fact there are only six keywords present in this programming language which are
1. Super
2. Self
3. True
4. False
5. This Context and
6. Nil

4.  R
R is a unique programming language that is widely used by data miners or statisticians, in order to develop statistical software. One can find R basically at polls, surveys or studies of scholarly databases that involves statistics. The idea here is pretty simple; females are huge fan of R because they love statistics. That’s right, instead of running behind abstract programming languages; women find that the simpler ones to be the best option that could get their work done in no time.

5. SQL
Structured Query Language or SQL is yet another great option that females love to have. This is a special purpose programming language that is built for catering relational database management systems (RDMS) and processing the relational data stream management system (RDSMS). The essence of this language is based on tuple relational calculus and relational algebra.

The SQL primarily consists of data manipulation languages, data control languages and data definition languages. There are endless scope of this programming language that includes update, delete, query, data insert, data access control, modification and schema creation.

6. Python
Women love it and so do men, there is nothing one can complain about Python. Recognized as one of the finest programming language, python is a high level programming language which does take time to master. There are some complex coding, syntax and operations involved in it, but that’s the fun part of this programming.

Those females who think that their programming career is restricted under basic programs take their leap with python and many have been incredibly successful with it.

7. Turing Tarpit
This is a flexible programming language that is quite efficient in terms of functions but it is too difficult to learn it. It is because it offers no common support for tasks that does make the work a bit confusing. But, those females who always want to work on the edge take Turing Tarpit to be their power tool.

The programming language can be written with any computer program and are capable of delivering flawless results.

8. C++
C++ is a general purpose programming language that offers generic features. Now, this programming language is reckoned to be female friendly because everyone loves it. It provides many exciting features for manipulation of the system and is designed with large system operations, flexibility and high performance.

The efficiency of this language makes it useful in a plethora of contexts, where software infrastructure has been a major highlight. They are even used for performance-critical applications, desktop applications and other important entertainment software.

9. Scala
Scala is a general programming language used for software applications. It is a strong static type program that is small and concise. The codes of this program can be complied with Java bytecode which means the resulting files are compatible with Java Virtual Machines.

Best thing is that the Java libraries can directly operate with Scala.

10. JavaScript
JavaScript is an untyped and dynamic style of programming language which is standardized as per the specifications of ECMAScript. Females are comfortable to work with JavaScript because of their ease of use, endless functions, and user friendly support.

Great thing about JavaScript is that the coding format can be encored on every modern web browser without the use of any sort of plug-ins.

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