What Programming Language Do People Hate The Most, And Why?

Programmers hold strong opinions about the programming languages they use. There are some who love to embrace the new or latest ones and then there are others who are happy to stick with the language that they have been using, despite of its fading popularity. This indicates that programmers have their own picks regarding the favorite and the worst languages.

According to a survey conducted by National Association of Programmers (NAP), there are over 94.3% programmers who consider the type of programming language that they have to deal with when they work with an IT firm. This is because their excellence in a particular programming language helps them in making the most from every project.
So, there are many languages that are popular amongst programmers and then there are those that are though popular, but not for very good reasons. Here, we are talking about the top programming languages that people hate the most.

1.  Ruby
Invented in the late 1990s, Ruby is known to be a dynamic programming language that has served its purpose for object-orientation, functions and imperative programs. In addition to that, it is even equipped with memory management applications. Now, why do people hate Ruby?

Understanding Ruby is complex, especially if you have started your career with C programming languages. The ropes of this language are not that easy to handle, and this is where people face several complications. Keeping this aspect in mind, Twitter on April, 2011 removed the language by explaining that it was inefficient and could not meet the desired standards.

2. Perl
The making of Ruby was actually influenced from Perl and both were badly hit when C programming language background programmers made their way. Though there time when Perl was used widely, but it never seemed to be a perfect option.

There were programmers who pointed to the fact that, this language was only piled with many features out of which most of them were unwanted. This means the right balance of thought was never given to the making of the language and thus the various blend of features never helped the programmers.

Ask any programmer about a specific language that they would never want to handle in their entire career and the answer would be COBOL. Common Business Oriented Language or COBOL made coding completely unmanageable. There are several complaints reported against this program which includes verbose syntax, incompatibility, lack of support for object oriented programming, pointers and operations.

In fact, there are many programmers who left government jobs, just so that they could get rid of this complex programming language that became a menace for them.

4. Visual Basic.net
With the name of this programming language the one thing that comes to mind is Microsoft. This programming language made its way to Microsoft in 1991, which is now a forgotten story. For over five years this language was there with Microsoft but it really didn’t help it to a greater extent. Majority of the tools present in it were designed for beginners like combination of graphics along with writing code and drop-down technique.

This brought Microsoft average results, after which the company switched to C# language which soon become the flagship of Microsoft.

5. PHP
In terms of performance, quality, features and conventions; PHP is a clear disappointment. There are many programmers who complain about the inconsistency of the language and how it gets scrambled with various presentation codes like CSS or HTML. There are even complications regarding the security hole of the language and sadly it does not even have a native support.

6. TCL
Tool Control Language was known to be a robust programming language that was encrypted with command languages and used for network administrations, test automations and web applications. With time the craze of this language went down dramatically. The syntax was quite simple, and something that even Jimmy of programming industry could have delivered with excellence. The variable scoping was quite confusing and the list of semantics did not stand upto the expectations.

7. Lab VIEW
Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench works like a development environment to produce dataflow programming language that can be used for controlling or measuring various systems.

Well, quite a lot of things went wrong with Lab VIEW, the approach itself remains to obscure which leaves programmers with a question- are they really dealing with a programming language?

After COBOL, this is the second old-school object oriented language that has made its way to the list. Though Java coding appears to be simple, where you write once and run anywhere, but a lot can go wrong with it.

The one and the most obvious reasons why people hate this programming language is that it is slow, other than that the API’s are way over engineered and thus the languages do not perform in an efficient manner.

9. JavaScript
This is an interpreted language that was formulated by Netscape and is essentially utilized for client side coding, and scripting of languages for web applications. JavaScript is not as clear as it seems. There are implementation issues associated with its use, debugging problems and even weird inheritance rules that leave programmers shocked. When they start fixing one thing then the other thing goes wrong, and that increases the sensitivity of a simple case.

10. C++
There are many companies that swear by the use of this programming language. But wait, are the programmers really satisfied with it? C++ is an intermediate programming language that was formed as an extension to the world renowned language C.  It’s popular, so undoubtedly there are millions of people who are attracted towards it. However, this programming language has a darker side to it.

C++ comprises of too big features that leads to slow compilation. The memory management is manual and it is not that easy to switch from object oriented to procedural code, typically of the same program.

These are the programming languages that people hate the most because of the terrible experiences that they had with them before.

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