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What Projects Can You Work at Home Being a Mechanical Engineer?

by Sep 11, 2016Mechanical Engineering

Work from Home is a very common phrase nowadays. It is a philosophy that many corporations are using nowadays where they allow their employees to work at their own preferred location instead of making them work in an office space. Even though this may seem a little weird to people who have been working successfully in an office for over decades, this practise is very much scientific and is rapid being accepted by corporations all across the globe. Employees who are confident enough to work from their personal places tend to be more productive when they are allowed to do so. The productivity increases because employees are working from their comfort zone. It is also very beneficial for companies, financially. Work from home employees are generally required to be paid less compensation, often the work is assigned to them in contractual basis. This allows both the employee and employer the freedom to make independent decisions without many obligations.

Freelance Mechanical Engineer
Nowadays scopes available to engineers are quite allot. I being an engineer can feel the opportunities I have. A mechanical engineer now has various scopes than one can imagine. But getting into something or doing something is not at all easy as competition levels are high for every lucrative offer. A mechanical engineer can now work by just staying at home which is quite a progress, considering people who have to go to work in middle of nowhere. So such an engineer needs certain things to become a successful in mechanical engineering field.
Skills required for doing the Job
Everyone knows that implementations as well as designing processes are two vital aspects of this field. But that doesn’t mean you will handle tasks according to these aspects only. To stand out in every competition, being unique is key. Here are some vital skills to must possess or incorporate-

  • Proper mathematical skills.
  • Aptitude to solve complex problems.
  • Out of the box thinking.
  • Be decisive.
  • Research and Analyze task at first.
  • Right Equipment Selection.
  • Inspired or Motivated.
  • Undergoing continuous update of this field.

Jobs opportunities present for Freelance Mechanical Engineers
Mechanics means machines so you will surely get tasks regarding machines. Either you may be asked to build or design a machine or maybe build some of its parts. So be ready to face any task offered. Let’s discuss some career-oriented interests that a mechanical engineer should have.

  • Reading and interpreting technical drawings, blueprints, technologically generated reports, schematics, etc.
  • Freely discussing problems or error to find solutions with other professionals.
  • Researching and analyzing designed proposed by customer for finding out project’s important aspects such as cost, feasibility, maintenance, requirements, etc.
  • Investigate machine or equipment failures for assisting maintenance crew in their work.
  • Monitoring proceeding of mechanical developments being done by hiring company thereby stopping progress in wrong direction i.e. negative work.
  • Criticizing any foul designing or plans which maybe illegal or banned by government authorities.
  • Providing companies with what’s going on industrial advancements.
  • Advising sustainable as well as eco-friendly raw materials or equipments to be used in any production.

Guiding steps for being a Successful Freelance Mechanical Engineer
Earlier I have stated some important skills you must require to do freelancing. But that won’t be enough practically. Only talents won’t get you anywhere in today’s world as one must require talent along with excellent experience. Getting into this hard field is most significant. Then by right approach you can be really be successful. These points listed below are guidelines to success-

  • Get connected to Internet by getting your own website or just a webpage.
  • At first, accept every project given to you as no work is big or small.
  • Keeping your fees as reasonable as possible.
  • Do jobs sincerely so that other related professionals, bloggers, etc may recommend you.
  • Advertise the services you can provide on most popular social media platforms.
  • Enhance your communication skills.

One of the biggest benefits of being freelance is that you are your own boss actually. You can choose your tasks i.e. use discretion. Working from home can really be an impressive opportunity. At home, one can work whenever they won’t i.e. early morning or maybe late night.
Expected Earnings
Well unlike regular full time jobs, pay might not be fixed. So if you are looking for a definitely amount to be added to your bank balance at the end of every month it would be difficult. But you can be assured that your pay will depend on your ability to deliver top quality work. There are several other factors which may determine how much you are paid. For freelancing works it is very important to properly market your abilities and services. It helps if you build up a good connection in your specific field through the help of social networking sites. According to me, building connections is one of the most important things; it would help you get work initially. Once you have established yourself then your worth would solely depend on your reputation which you have built and your credibility with previous employers.
You must also understand your working capabilities. There are works where you will be paid on hourly basis, this model more suitable if you are willing to spend a good amount of time. Otherwise you can also take a project-budget based model. In this model you and your client will negotiate a payment for the project as a whole and not time frame.
Finding Work
There are various freelancing website which would be a good place to start. As I mentioned earlier, the best option would be to make a few connection over social networking sites, to have a smooth inflow of work. You should mention your specialisation if any in the field of mechanical engineering. It might be a good strategy to have good relation with your previous employers because as they know your ability it is more likely that they will hire you repetitively.