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What is Cash Book with Discount and Bank Column or Three Column Cash Homework Answers?

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Cash book with discount and bank column is also known as the three column cash book. It is similar to that of the simple and double cash book. At first, there were two columns in the cash book, i.e. the cash column and discount column. It was known as double column cash book or the usual cash book. In three column cash book, a new column, i.e., the discount is added. Hence, the name is triple column cash book. The cash book with discount and bank column helps to account for the received discount.

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Method of recording transactions

The bank column present on the credit side contains all the transactions that decrease cash at the bank. The one present on the debit side contains the transaction that increases the balance. It is then, recorded on both sides of the cash book. The credit includes the payment of bills and other charges while the debit includes the receiving of money.

  1. Money paid to the Bank

When you pay money to the bank, the money is debited to the bank account and credited from the cash account. Hence, it completes the double-entry method. It is not possible for an account to credit and debit at the same time. The credit is written in the cash column as “By bank, ” and the debited cash is written in the bank column as “To cash”. After the entries have appeared, contra or C is written in the L.F. column. It means you can find the other transaction on the opposite side.

  1. Money withdrawn from the Bank

In this case, the cash is debited to the cash account and credited from the bank account. Now, we have to enter both the transactions in the cash book. The debit money in the cash column is written as “To bank, ” and the credit is written in the bank column as “To cash”.

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