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Accounting Operation of Bills of Exchange Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

The international trade mainly uses the concept of bills of exchange. The person writes an order to his bank to allow the payee to receive a certain sum of money for a given period. Hence, there are three individuals involved in here. One is the drawer, second is the drawee, and third is the payee.

The drawer is the one who gives an order to pay the money to the recipient. He draws the bill and orders the drawee to pay money. The third person is the accept or, and he needs to pay for the bill. The individuals or financial institutions draw the bill of exchange which is transferable by endorsements. According to the issue of the bills, you can divide it into two types, i.e. the bank drafts and trade drafts. Bank drafts are the bills issued by the bank whereas the statements released by the individuals are trade drafts.

The bills of exchange homework answers can be a little hard to many students. It is because of the reason most students opt for help. Students find it difficult as it is little confusing with promissory notes and checks. These concepts are quite similar. However, if you go through the topic, you may find it easier to solve. To understand more about it, you will have to read the following blog. It will help you in the search for the solutions to your assignments.

How does it work?

For needing help for the bills of exchange homework answers, you need to know what the bill looks like and what information it contains. It consists of the following particulars.

  1. Title: Here, you have to write the title of the document, i.e. the bills of exchange as you are going to use it for that purpose.
  2. Amount: Write the value the payee has to pay. Write it in both texts as well as digital form.
  3. Date: Mention the date when you need the amount back.
  4. Payee: Write the name as well as the address of the person whom you are lending the money.
  5. Identification number: A unique identification number will pass to your bill.
  6. Signature: Lastly, sign the document which will allow the bank to lend that sum of money to the payee

Now, let’s discuss the working of the bill of exchange. They follow a particular process where the bill passes through three parties. It has to move from the drawer to the payee. You can find it in more detail below.

  • When a person wants money for some reason but he doesn’t have enough with him, he tries to borrow it from an individual or a bank. Hence, he accepts the bill of exchange. It is also a method of borrowing money, and the bill of exchange doesn’t require you to pay interests.
  • The drawer draws the bills for the specified amount and sends it to the drawee. It is the bank in this case. He accepts the statement.
  • The bank then provides a discount if he finds the drawer as a reputable person. He keeps the bill for the due date.
  • The payee receives the money on the deadline. He has to pay back the money after the specified time.

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Improving your knowledge on Bills of Exchange Homework Answers

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