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What Are the Ways to Complete Statistics Assignment on Time?

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By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016
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Statistics and mathematics are mostly feared by students. Why? Maybe because it involves a lot of theorems, formulas and twisty problems and unlike subjects like history or geography cannot be memorized or crammed up at the last minute.
What makes statistics so Important?
Collecting numerical data for analyzing purposes and then interpreting information based on this analysis is what statistics is all about. Say you have a bar graph representing marks of 5 different subjects. Just by looking at it and you can say in which subject students fared better. Or in which subject do students need more help.
Similarly, statistics is widely used in several businesses to attain best information from the data which can help them take important decisions. In fact, statistics have found their application in almost all fields including public and private sectors, medical fields etc.
How to get statistics homework done in time?
Whether you are studying statistics in school or as part of your undergraduate degree or even master, it doesn’t matter. These steps will help you out. But, you will have to work it out step by step as I mention them down.
Before Class
Nobody can think straight on an empty stomach. And if it is a subject like statistics, you require complete focus. And for that you need your body and mind on alert.

  1. Never miss your breakfast before you leave for school or miss your lunch breaks. Eat healthy. Fasting can make you tired sleepy and distracted.
  2. Drink water. Water is a great way to keep yourself awake as your brain requires a certain amount of this liquid to keep it working.

In class
Only when you understand topic given out by your teacher as the assignment, will you be able to complete it.

  1. Get your pen/pencil paper, textbooks and calculators ready on the desk before your teacher arrives. You do not want to spend time looking for them when your lecturer is covering an important topic.
  2. When the class is going on, try to stay attentive. Statistics like mathematics requires your undivided attention. Think like this, if you daydream in class you will then require twice the time to do your homework.
  3. Prepare good notes. If your teacher has written something on the blackboard, then it is definitely something important. Jot down the keywords also. If your teacher covers any problem first understand how is she/he is doing the problem.
  4. In case of any doubt or query, you can consult your classmates after the class. However, do nottake up most of their time. Sometimes, some teachers devote last 5 minutes of the class to handle such doubts.
  5. Make use of the tutorial classes held in your school/ university. They are vital in helping understand a topic. Tutorials have discussions, questions by students and answers by teachers. Taking notes even here will prove extremely helpful.
  6. As soon as assignments are handed out, write them down in your planner along with their deadlines.

After Class
Now when you are back from school, allot time for your homework and studies. When to sit is according to your choice. It could be late at night or early in the morning. Some people even sit in the library to do their homework in between school hours.

  1. Study:

Keep up to date on all topics covered. Even if assignments are not handed on that day or on that topic, you must still study them nevertheless. Now when you get your assignment, your study part is over and you can begin the assignment right away.

  1. Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect, goes the famous saying. You will never learn statistics without practice. Memorizing formulas will not take you that far. Practice variety of problems mentioned in your textbook and workbook.

  1. Work out pattern:

Certain variety of problems can be solved by following a pattern. As you practice, write down one problem from each variety on a separate page. This will be helpful during revision and whenever you need to consult in future for your assignment.

  1. Study in groups:

Two heads are better than one and so three heads will be better than two and so on. Gather around your friends to do your statistics homework. Discuss the concepts with them. This verbal exchange of the interpretations of the concepts will lead to a greater degree of understanding.

  1. Take Breaks:

Your mind like any other machine needs a time-out. Ensure a 5 minute break after a 20-30 minute long study session. After 2-3 sessions, take a 15 minute break. This

  • Refreshes your mind.
  • Breaks ensure that the concept you just read/ practiced sets in your mind.
  • Increases your efficiency for the next study session.

For larger assignments, divide the work in 2 to 3 days. Do not leave it for the last moment. The quicker you begin, the quicker you face any trouble, and the quicker will you get the solution.
Online Help:
A popular alternative being opted by students today. Getting someone else to do their work. Great option if you are stuck with some problem and are unable to do it. While using such help, a student must ensure that they are reliable and produce results before the deadline.
You do not want to be the only one not to hand in their assignment just because your online help could not adhere to the deadline.

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