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Why Do Students Get Less Grades on English Homework?

By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016
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Do you acquire good grades in English? It is really heartbroken to get less grades in the subject. You should prepare yourself to match that level of skills which is helpful in getting maximum grades with ease. I think that students need improvement in certain areas that will be useful formaking likely changes. But, the fact is that basics will never change, and you have to do well to attain this feat.
What about basics? Have you realized that? Every parent wants to see their kids on the top and show his/ her performance to the rest of the world.This may take a little time to go back and find that point which involves into the swing of things. Is this being a long time you have used grammatical books? You probably forget those essential grammatical rules that you have learned.This will be far better to relearn those topics and improve your own writing skills.Once you have made it possible, then you can see how interesting it would be to do English homework.
Finding the problems:
Your determination to do work defines your performance. The equipment and method student’s use should be properly handled with much control to reach the destination. Studying with great passion is the first solution to compete with academic problems. Let us find out the problems that you might have and make you unable to cope with it because of lack of enthusiasm:

  1. Search the external reasons for poor grades:

You have to check the external factors (if any) that are relatedto poor grades. Well, most of the factors that you find can be controlled, and few can somewhat affect in poor grades. Students themselves unintentionally develop some of the external factors. If you are able to establish the correlation with your real-life, then this will make you perfect for making the things lighter for future goals. Let you check if you are obliged with these external factors or not:

  • Difficulty in understanding:

This may be due to lack of explanation or difficulty in making sense out of it. There are certain teachers who create bad impact on certain students that affect in less grades. You have to judge these factors and ask your HOD (Head Of Department) for help.Really, having a poor teacher will subsequently decrease the grades in each exam that will hamper your final results.

  • Annoying study environment:

Is your education environment not appropriate to do astudy and perform homework? This might be because of certain activities outside your home that are out of your order. Perhaps, you have to choose a room where you are getting less disturbed to perform the job.
In the course of your study, many times you face with uncertainties that create difficulty in finding cool, calm and relax place to study. It is often better to go to the library and do your required level of learning with great zeal.

  • Inappropriate resources of study:

Well, this is gonna be one of those factors that can have aserious impact on studies. This also lacksyou behind in doing proper studies and does your homework with relevant information.
You can purchase textbooks and do anappropriateresearch to acquire more knowledge and make the things simpler.

  1. Elaborate the personal reasons for poor grades:

Yes, if you have apoor attitude to take responsibility of studying English can lead to less grades. Students who are actually determined to make the things positive and do well in acquiring good grades need to find out the personal complications that are offering pauses in different occasions. These sophisticated consequences that push you backward may include:

  • Lack of interest:

Many students do not take an interest in English. You are not willing to study this subject at all, but the syllabus and course have bound this subject completely. You have no other choice to make changes in the curriculum and study. If you change your mindsetup and bring back concentration to study English, then this will help in getting good grades with ease.

  • Lack of confidence:

There are students who thought that they are weak and are not able to cope with these essays and other topics. The lack of confidence is the state of mind which makes students uncomfortable and discourages them. If students start focusing on the subjectwith interest, then this will encourage and make you confident to do thestudy.
Tackling with the problems:
If you are passionate about your English studies, if you have the desire to bring changes in life and if you are ready to adopt and adjust to new time routine, then students should follow the below-listing points to allure the making of English homework in style.

  • Make yourself comfortable with present:

Students who are facing problems with past consequences should learn how to make the things comfortable for today because this will undoubtedly make your future.

  • Think of your career and future prospects:

If you lose time in thinking the need for English in the syllabus, then this will hinder the capability of doing activities with much comfort. You should consider the career and future prospects of your study that will bring changes in your life.
You have to think positive at every moment of life. To get good grades, you need to perform well with accurate grammar and sentence construction ability.

  • Time management:

This is a vital factor in bringing change to reality. Students should prepare time schedule to deal with various work and do study. This makes the process much flexible and easy to compete with.
Final note:
“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”- Carl Rogers
Parents are playing a crucial role by insisting students take help from mentors and tutors in need. You can even take help from seniors in college to understand different topics. Although online academic help is available, students are not taking advantages and face problems ofless grades.This will be quite better to take professional English homework help and bring your confidence back to acquire good grades.

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