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What Are the Utilities of Innovations Like Assignment Calendar?

by Apr 9, 2017Assignment Help

The process of education today has become a dynamic activity. From a student’s point of view, attention is constantly needed to be shifted between various aspects of studies- meeting deadlines, assignments, homework etc. So, at any given point of time, a student is engaged in multiple projects in order to meet predetermined deadlines.

All these different responsibilities added up can often lead tofeelings of stress and anxiety amongst students. Schools, educational institutions and others provide pupils with a large number of assignments that are expected to be completed under rigid time constraints.

 Traditional education systems generally do not provide students with time management tools like assignment calendar or homework assistance. This has lead to a litany of websites and online help which are engineered towards providing guidance to students regarding completion of assignments and projects on time. So, it can be said that these virtual tools should be integrated into the study plans of every student.

Why should teachers rethink their strategies towards giving homework?

In simple terms, homework can be defined as work related to studies that are given to a student to finish at home. Today, this has become a daily ritual for students worldwide and the growing amount of homework given to them without a proper project plan or assignment calendar to follow has lead to unnecessary stress. So, teachers should take into consideration the following points while giving assignments to students:-

  • Home assignments should not turn into a mad rush for completion. They should be in sync with studies done at class.
  • The amount of task given should not be overbearing. A student should spend invest a reasonable amount of time behind homework.
  • Feedbacks from parents regarding stress levels of their wards should be given utmost importance and schedules should be modified accordingly.
  • Each student should be approached differently and homework should be geared towards that individual’s capacities.
  • Homework should never be used as a tool for punishment, as this demoralizes students and renders the entire learning process useless.
  • Latest advances in technologies like online homework guide, virtual classroom, assignment planner and assignment calendar should be integrated into mainstream education system

Basically, it can be said that the entire process of homework assignments should be made more interesting and efficient

How can modern advances in technology help students in their assignments?

With the advent of internet as a major medium for exchange of information many websites have developed innovative ways of guiding students through assignments. These cater to various needs of the pupil. They help students in planning their assignments so that an appropriate strategy to complete them on time is implemented. If you want to learn more about various online productivity tools, feel free to go through “Why are student assignment planner and similar tools so effective?”

Assignment calendarand other similar tools bring order to a student’s schedule. Other than organizing assignments, these planners and guides provide the following benefits to pupils:-

  • They help facilitate efficient utilization of time, by structuring assignments according to the number of hours needed to complete them.
  • It helps in reducing stress related to work overload. This, in turn, boosts confidence amongst students.
  • Planning beforehand prevents any wastage of resources and increases quality of work.
  • Productivity tools like the ones mentioned above help students become more flexible with their routines.

How to implement productivity tools like assignment calendar into a student’s workflow

Teachers, school authorities and institutions can implement these new developments into their respective curriculum as a way of improving the quality of learning experienced by students. This will help students in designing schedules to complete assignments, which will eventually make the role of teaching more fluid.

Having a tool like an assignment calendar at one’s disposal reduces friction while learning and creates a stress-free environment while studying. They actively structure assignments into a calendar or timetable, so that each project is given equal attention.

Following are some ways through which these new advancements in technology can be integrated into student curriculums:-

  • Teachers should customize their homework according to a student’s schedule. This can be done by consulting the pupil’s assignment calendar. This helps both teacher and student in reaching their respective goals.
  • Fixing deadlines for various assignments according to their level of complexity, through virtual tools, provides students with achievable projects.
  • Traditional schools should provide online sessions for students so that greater flexibility regarding class curriculum is created.

So, in order to achieve maximum productivity in education, immaculate planning is needed while structuring assignment schedules. Thus, online tools like assignment calendar should be treated as necessary parts of the education system. They should be extensively implemented in helping students with homework, assignments and projects. This integration of the physical aspects of studies with its virtual counterparts will create a perfect environment for knowledge acquisition.

In conclusion, it can be inferred that assignment calendar and other similar tools for students provide much needed organization of scattered tasks. They provide a pupil with a clear picture of the assignment at hand and synchronize learning with project completion. This results in higher engagement of students regarding their studies.