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Ways to Make Mathematics Homework Refreshing

By Michelle Johnson
28 Aug, 2016
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If there is one subject that been universally boring for students, it has been mathematics. Very few students enjoy it, and even fewer students understand the concepts and theories. Solving problems aren’t up everyone’s alley; but there are ways in which parents, teachers and students themselves can make mathematics homework fun and fresh. It will require focus, creativity and determination in order to do so. Different kids learn differently, so you will need to employ a mix of methods in order to ensure that they work. It is necessary that they learn while they have fun.
Methods to employ for mathematics
While teaching children, you should remember that they are easy to please. All you have to do is give them what they want. After all, a spoon full of medicine and sugar is always more pleasant and tricks them into thinking they got what they wanted. As teachers, you may understand the necessity that they complete their homework on time, and correctly, but they do not always see the point of the exercise.

  • Be colourful: Kids are naturally attracted to things that are brightly coloured. This grabs their attention, and often times, holds it as well. When setting worksheets for children, ensure that it is colourful and lively. If not, kids enjoy adding colour to things, so once they are done with their work, allow them to colour in the shapes and objects on the worksheet. This will instantly turn work into fun, and they will look forward to doing it in the future. This is also a way in which you can encourage kids to be artistic, and enhance their knowledge of colours, and teach them rules about colouring in within the lines and such. This is by far the easiest method you could choose to employ.

Even when teaching children via charts and slides, make them colourful and attractive. This is bound to grab their attention, and they will be more focused. This will automatically make it easier to teach them, and giving them homework will not be a problem because they will just revise everything they have been taught in an exciting class.

  • Use games: The easiest way to get children interested in mathematics is to make a game out of every topic. This is simple because math in the junior years simply involves numbers. Therefore, if you have a fair number of things at your disposal, you could combine them to create a game. Put the children in groups and allow them to mix and help each other in order to learn more as they play the game. This will not only make the subject a lot of fun for them but teaches them many social and interpersonal skills as well. When setting them homework, ask them to play the games with their parents or siblings. While teaching the game to their family, they will understand the topic better and remember it more clearly.
  • Be relatable: It is important to relate the things they are learning in class to objects and situations around them. By being able to place themselves in a situation, they will find it more interesting, and they will also be able to understand what you are teaching them more clearly. When setting them homework, give them light field work to do among their family or neighbours. Practical work has always proven to be more useless and educative than plain and simple, every day, theory practice. This will encourage them to look forward to their homework. They will want to go home and complete it as fast as possible in order to show it to their teacher.
  • Take it slow: Not every child is the same, and some find it very difficult to grasp even the simplest of concepts easily. Take some time out to teach them individual. When a teacher shows an interest in her students, they show an interest in their work. They feel motivated enough to work hard to understand what they cannot. As they learn slowly, they will gain the confidence to keep progressing further. Allow the children who have a difficult time to take a little time to submit their homework. The pressure can sometimes cripple children and make it difficult for them to focus or concentrate. This is because many young kids these days suffer from ADD and anxiety.
  • Motivate them: It is very important to keep reassuring children that they are capable of accomplishing everything that they set their minds to. They need constant encouragement and motivation; this will definitely make them feel like they are capable of doing their math homework. Once they feel capable, the confidence will help them train their mind to learn math and get better at it with time. If kids lack the confidence to learn something, they will find that subject or activity boring and uninteresting.
  • Use technology: Now that teachers are allowed to use technology in school, show your students’ videos, songs and presentations that help them study a particular subject. This will definitely make your classes and homework something that they look forward to. Living in an age of technology, this is one of the best methods you can employ.

Since each class, teacherand the classroom are different; it will be necessary for you to take some of these tips in order to make it suit your needs.At the end of the day, the aim is to help the students study and do well.

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