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How to Stop Homework Struggle between Parent and Child?

by Aug 28, 2016Homework Help

No matter in which grades are you or which university you belong to, homework would be a part and parcel of your daily life. Currently, you are assigned with lots of homework? It’s not only children, but parents equally suffer while dealing with thehome task. Now, what can be the solution? Homework time has become theseventh circle of hell in the house and parents have to nag all the time to do assignments. Though there are many parents around who believe in helping their kids doing homework, but is it the right way to help? According to research, parents play an important part in thelife of kids while pursuing their academic studies, but helping them in dealing with school work is certainly not the solution.
‘Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy’ –Robert A. Heinlein
But, why homework time is so very difficult? The main reason behind it could be the inability of kids to focus on their work at home. Supposedly, while children are at school, they are strictly into their classroom and so lesser chance of getting distracted. Therefore, learning process experienced in highly organized which tends to focus on thedifferent subject. But while being at home, the brain is processed in “free time” mode. This is why the level of concentration often gets lowered.
Tips to stop homework struggle
It is vital to evoke asense of responsibility among your children. Self-motivation can be a positive aspect which can finally help parents and kids to cope up with the homework. Here are few tips that can help you avoid the battles:

  1. Not accountable for child’s choices

Always have a mindset that you are not responsible for the choices done by your children in life. It is simply not possible to take up that burden! Try to measure success as aparent by different other things such as: How you behave on the ideas chosen by your kids. A parent turns out to be successful when they play the role of a responsible person, but that does not signify that you have to raise your child to be a perfect person.
Once you have such mindset, then you won’t get anxious about the actions, behaviors and decision of your child.

  1. Skills blended with practice

It is necessary for every human to learn the ways how to manage things which are really distasteful. As parents, you can adopt steps which can help them learn different skills. Such skills can be beneficial in turning the life into a successful one. There are certain occasions when rules have to follow even if you are totally not in support of it. Create a daily homework time and practice giving incentives to your children which can show them the path to success.
Encouraging kids to do their homework by offering attractive incentives can be a skillful technique to manage work beforehand. It generally creates interest in themind of children and also gives them theopportunity to learn thesubject well.
ʺKnowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.” – Claire Fagan

  1. Interval between study

Both parents and children struggle with homework and it is one of the unique ways to reduce stress and avoid struggle. Being a grown up person, it is the responsibility of every parent to show the right path and help them study well. Encourage them to take abreak in between! Eye-hand coordination is quite helpful which can allow in organizing brain and encourage kids to continue with their task. Having a 5-10 minutes break while doing homework will surely create a lot of difference!

  1. Have some snacks!

Why do parents struggle with their children’s homework? It is because they do not know what are the necessary steps to be taken to help their kids do work efficiently. Give proper nutrition to your kids and check their glucose level. Having proper snacks at the right time will definitely help them gain concentration on studies. Munching some snacks will definitely work out well while dealing with your academic life.
Make sure to remind the child that homework is a part of their job and so stay organized to reduce stress and get prepared beforehand for exams.

  1. The procrastinator

Are your kids among one of them who finds out new excuses every time before sitting with their homework? Now, for such parents, it is quite difficult to handle thesituation. In spite of constant nagging and pressure, they often fail to convince kids to do their homework. The procrastinator will do their homework only if you are beside him/her.
There are different reasons for such kids to procrastinate and so you need to be a detective to find out the actual reason. Either your kids may be disorganized or lack in skills or may be anxious about different things happening in schools. So, as parents your sole responsibility is to talk to teacher and understand the reason behind. This would help to set up goals for your child and make them able to handle homework schedule.
Getting the homework done!
What are the various solutions to homework challenges? You need to find the answer to it so that it becomes convenient for you to handle any difficult work assigned to you in class. Homework is known to be a helpful activity which can reinforce learning and allow students to cope up with their subjects well. Though, there is still no study conducted which can determine how much homework is necessary for students, but researchers certainly believe assigning too much work can create a negative effect on students.
Make sure that you engage yourself in some activities, either help kids do their homework or make you involved in some work. This will definitely build up a positive impact in mind of students. Students struggling with homework should find some idea on how to manage them well.
Parents can provide with aworkspace which is quiet and calm so that distractions can be avoided. Parents can help students follow a strict schedule and follow homework routine. Having academic support is necessary which can give theopportunity to deal with tough challenges in school. Decide a time frame within which you need to complete thetask and make sure to maintain accuracy.