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Tips for Making Most out of Home Work

by May 17, 2017Homework Solutions

Do you like homework? The answer to this question is not so easy. It is for reasons which are not known to individuals. Home work is not taken in its right spirit for which it is designed.

Let’s explore the world of home work.

What is Homework?

Come on! We all know it. We are not going to define it now. It’s very obvious that the task which we are supposed to do at the comfort of our home is supposed to be our homework. But is it that simple. Or, we have something more in it.

Home work- Redefined

We should try and understand that home work is not a mandatory exercise on the part of the students. Rather, it is an integral part of the teaching learning process.

Let’s redefine it.

The most interesting part of our study which we do from the comfort of our home is our homework.

But, does that mean we are not comfortable at school?

Absolutely, No. But, we must understand that comfort is a matter of degree and not a measure. Some students may find school to be more comfortable. Although in majority of the cases home is supposed to be our home sweet home.

The practice of homework helps students in a number of ways.

Ok, having said so, let us see why at all this home work is necessary.


The practice of giving home work is designed so as to keep in track the teaching learning process. Human beings are meant to be trained, so, if we keep something regular in our routine we became more comfortable with that.


Practice makes a man perfect. Similarly in the teaching learning process there are certain chapters or exercise which requires a regular practice on the part of learner to master the subject. Assigning home work is one of the best ways to inculcate this habit.


Homework gives a purpose aligned with teaching learning process to students. Whether it is lazy afternoon or boring evening one has to take up the homework. It put students into the mode of finding some purpose and helps them to answer why they need to spend their time.


Homework necessary helps students to become more disciplined. The students learn right form the childhood how to be respectful towards their work.The above mentioned four points summarily portrays the benefits of doing homework. It is to be appreciated that homework is a well thought out process to help the learner.

But, How to make students do homework happily?

This is one of the major challenges everybody is struggling with. Be it teachers, parents, everybody is worried about the homework. Sometimes it may be due to the type of homework one has to do, it may be due to the subject, and there may be many other reasons. But, the question remains how to make home work more interesting and appealing.

To be honest, there is no easy way out. But, we can be smart enough to use our time and make the most out homework if we are at all doing our homework.

Tips to make most out of homework

In order to make the most of our homework, we should try to adapt the following strategies which will help us to be comfortable with homework and will also make the most out of our homework.

Place of study

We should always try to do our homework at a neat and clean area. The area should be adequately lit and well ventilated. The area should be preferably at a corner side of the building and should be considered sacred.

We should always make it a point to do our homework every day in the same room most of the times. Considering the place to be sacred will increase our motivation and concentration towards the work we do. There is nothing spiritual in it but it’s a kind of physiological training to the mind.

Time of the study

The time of study should be kept fixed for all days as far as possible. We should try to be ready for the homework well before the time. It is very important that we train our internal biological clock. Doing homework every day at a fix time will help our nerves and biological system to become attune with the teaching learning process during that time period.


We should take care of the external factors which can cause distraction to our senses. We should take care to turn off the TV, Music System, and Put mobile phone in silent mode to help our senses to get involved fully with the job at hand.

Role playing

We learn better when we can act and enact. In critical issues it helps us when we try to act the situation rather than simply read and understand it. For example, if one has to explain a situation in writing about how one feels when heartbroken, its better one should try to act it out as if one is heartbroken. The feel that one gets can be portrayed with the help of words and will be fun too.


We should always try to discuss issues with our parents, friends, teachers, even with our younger sisters or brother. Discussion helps in many ways. It helps one to understand the homework better, it helps to get another people’s perspective into it, which, otherwise might have been missed out. Discussion helps to gain wider perspective and enriches the knowledge base.


Last but not the least this is one of best ways to understand what is expected out of the homework. This exercise saves a lot of effort and helps to focus on the necessary dimensions of the homework.

The purpose of this piece is to help make homework fun work and to put few vital issues on how to do that. There are many professional websites which can help one better understand the means and ways of how to get most out of homework.