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Are Assignments Really Helpful for Good Academics?

By Sarah J Mitchell
17 May, 2017

Over the years, teachers all across the globe have adopted new ways and means in order to ensure that the students are able to understand and learn a subject better. Today, teachers in turn aim at preparing a child for his or her examinations. One of the most common approach that most teachers fall back to are assignments. There are various reasons as to why teachers prefer giving out assignments to any other approach. One of the major reasons is that it prepares the child for the examination and at the same time reduces the amount of time the teacher has to spend on each chapter.

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The need for assignments

Assignments have become an integral part of the life of the students of this generation. Listed below are some of the major reasons as to why teachers prefer giving out assignments on a regular basis:

  • One of the major reasons is that these assignments ought to prepare a child for his or her examinations as a result of constant practice of the various lessons.
  • Another major reason behind this is the fact that most assignment make the students aware of the question pattern that they are to face during their examinations. This is without a doubt one of the best approaches taken by the teachers of this generation.
  • As a student reaches higher classes, the size of his or her syllabus also increases that too at quite a good pace. This in turn calls for more effort to be put in by the students. At higher standards, the chapters become so huge that it is certainly not possible for the teachers to go through all the chapters with their students and hence, most teachers focus on highlighting the important aspects of a chapter and give out assignments. This approach has proven to be one of the most efficient approaches over the years as numerous students all across the globe have benefitted from this approach.

The negative side about assignments

Yes assignments are indeed an important part of life for every student. However, a major problem with the education curriculum of today’s world is that they aim at making every student Einstein. However, as one would commonly expect, most of the students are unable to cope up with the extreme levels of peer pressure which in turn has resulted in a drastic increase of the number of student suicides over the last decade or so. These without are doubt are due to the extensive amount of pressure exerted by the educational institutions on their students.

This extreme level of peer pressure as a result of the large volumes of home tasks assigned by teachers is perhaps responsible for destroying the childhood of numerous students all across the globe. In the event that teachers as well as parents want to ensure that their student or their child succeeds it is important that an immediate change be brought about in the education system.

Students end

If an individual considers the importance of assignments as far as the academics of students are concerned, then he or she will definitely have to take the students point of view into account. According to most students, assignments must indeed be an important part of the education curriculum. However, the problem lies in the fact that most teachers and educational institutions fail to understand the fact that students are human being and they too have a life of their own. It is certainly not possible for any individual to study all the time. 2 hours of concentrated studying ought to be a lot more beneficial than sitting with the book for an entire day.

Hence, the amount of home task as well as the quality of the tasks given out by the teachers has a huge role to play as far as the approach of the students towards the home tasks or assignments are concerned. If teachers give out bulky home tasks, then it is for certain that the students will complete their assignments just for the sake of it as it is certainly not possible for everyone to leave aside everything else and sit with their assignments day after day.

Hence, the teachers must be extremely careful at the time of giving out assignments. Teachers should focus on objective questions rather than long answers as far as these assignments are concerned as writing down long answers consumes a fair amount of time.

Parting thoughts

Assignments are indeed helpful as far as the academics of an individual is concerned. However, it is not certain that every student will be able to take this extreme level of peer pressure and as a result, assignments may end up causing more harm than good. Before imposing this high level of pressure on their child’s, parents must ask themselves this, “What would I rather have? My son / daughter or his / her certificates?”

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