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The Do’s and Don’ts for Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

Our doings and actions reflect the lessons we have learned from our past. Be it our family, life or school and university. Somehow or the other, we learn and apply our lessons while living life as it comes. In fact, it is these lessons that act as no less than a life saviour, to tackle the odds and hurdles that come along.
Be it the disciplinary subjects or the academics subject, schools and colleges play an equally important in building our character, our persona and consequently, ourselves as a complete human.
If you think that schools and universities are only good for teaching subjects like Mathematics and Physics, then you may be wrong. They teach a lot more than that. They teach you time management, the importance of discipline and most importantly, skills related to reading, writing and speaking.
Coming to writing skills, educational institutes stress a lot in order to make their students excel in the same by the time they pass out. For instance, there are interesting persuasive speech topics for college students. These topics for speech writing and preparation are a great way to test their writing, speaking as well as orating speech for students.
Persuasive speech writing
Apart from speech writing, one of the challenging aspects of speech is to speak and reach to the audience. An orator needs to have impressive communication skills apart from the obvious skillful speech written by him.
Persuasive speech is a genuine part of every speech making. When someone speaks to public in large, it is usually addressed to make an impact in the minds of the listener and receivers. The same applies in case of persuasive speech writing.
It is an art of public speaking as well as skillful writing keeping in mind to reach enough audiences and make an impact in persuading their respective mindsets.
Part of every speech making is to connect with the audience and to grab their attention. A good speech is how you capture their attention and involve them, thus tracking their mind to what you are speaking on the podium.
Another challenging aspect while dealing with the interesting persuasive speech topics for college students is to influence the audience, enough to make them understand your stance and agree to your point, your assurances, reasoning and opinions. To do that, one needs to acquire proper orating skills other than his own in-depth research and analysis while preparing the speech.
Elements of persuasive speech making
There are many interesting persuasive speech topics for college students. One may look around and find countless topics to speak about and let the public know about his notions, ideas and beliefs regarding the same. However, the basic step is to find the suitable topic that best fits one’s thinking and beliefs.
Instead of picking a random topic, it is better to choose from that interest you and fancies you so that working on the same can involve more of your passion and dedication. The more efforts one shows in its research for the speech, the better are the outcome. Once proper content is collected, and speech is written, the rest depends on the art of delivering the speech.
Interesting persuasive speech topics for college students
Students may choose any topic, either inspired from their surrounding or the ongoing current affairs in the world or from their personal experiences. For instance, you may talk about the political scenario, philosophical genre or something that is environment related as well. All you have to keep in mind is to keep your speech entertaining as well as well detailed.
The do’s and don’ts for Interesting persuasive speech topics for college students
If you are preparing a speech that needs to be influential and persuasive, you need to work harder than you would have for any other speech.
The first step after knowing the topic is to conduct research on the same. Your research shall include the various cases and live examples that you come across. You may go through the websites, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles, etc. Furthermore, conducting surveys and interviews with random experienced personalities can contribute a lot to your research.
The better the research, the more impressive your thesis presentation will be. One may gather evidence and facts in order to support your argumentation and reasoning.
Being rational is highly important while conducting your analysis. While coming across live examples and people who have experienced the scenario, one needs to keep an open mind in order to embrace their tales and not be overwhelmed with the circumstances and the intensity.
A good journalist has characteristics of a proper debater with proper rationalization and symbolism.  Among Interesting persuasive speech topics for college students, one may go for the following topics-

  • The appropriate drinking age
  • Cell phone usage and internet addiction
  • Teenage sex and vandalism

On a more wider scope,

  • Penalties and punishment for abusers and criminals
  • Gay marriage
  • Introducing financial education as a part of the syllabus, etc.

College students get such topics as a part of assignments. These help in earning grades and thus, become an essential part in building one’s academics. Interesting persuasive speech topics for college students, one should enthusiastically accept such assignments and should work hard to deliver the best.
In fact the opportunity is more like a window to learn and adopt skills that otherwise is challenging to learn. One’s preparation for the speech should involve his strong, unbiased opinion. For that, one’s judgment and rationale should be based on strong evidence, facts and effective stories.
Usage of illustrations, cases, quotes and presenting it to the audience can be even more effective and influential. For people to get you and embrace your words, your speech should contain the power and thrill to shake their beliefs.
Speeches are an incredible tool to induce someone’s thoughts and thus, motivate them accordingly. It is one of the best ways to make people aware of the circumstances and the best medium to call for much-needed attention and action.
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