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The Art of Persuasive Writing and Dealing with Given Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

Writing is an art that everyone feels awed. In fact a good writer can show his emotions in a better way than mere words pouring from our tongue.
School helps us in a great manner while cultivating and nurturing the young brains and inculcating the life lessons along with other lessons affecting our scorecard. Essays, letters, comprehension, narratives, etc. are some of the obvious skills hat school tries to inculcate within students from a very early stage.
For instance, writing an essay on ‘E-learning versus Traditional teaching’ can be one of the interesting persuasive essay topics provided at high school. Students can deal with such topics by making an effort in researching and analyzing and thus, applying their writing skills to it.
Persuasion and writing
It is one of the ways to make others see your point and thereby, agree to the same. Persuading a stranger’s mind is not an easy one, rather much challenging and needs efforts and creativity in order to achieve it.Interesting persuasive essay topics assigned to students at a young stage are one of the best ways of learning and a great way to inculcate the art of writing.
Writing is considered to be one of the best ways to persuade people in mass. In fact, it has been believed since ages that writing can be persuasive and thus, helpful in a lot of ways in order to bend the thoughts of people in large. Newspapers, journals and periodicals have thus been influential in a positive way for ages together. The traditional manner of journalism is one of the best examples of persuasive writing.
Interesting persuasive essay topics
Suppose you are assigned with a topic, to write on the pros and cons of Internet in the running generation. You need to ask yourself the very obvious question, is internet’s presence today a good thing or a bad?
However, when you question yourself, you will find yourself in the middle of the good and bad sides. A coin has two sides. Like wise when you confront yourself with such interesting persuasive essay topics you will see both the pros and cons.
As a writer it is your duty to reflect both, and guide the minds of the reader towards a certain point where they can understand the limit of usage within which internet can be helpful and crossing such limit can be deadly to the human mind as well as body.
Another interesting persuasive essay topic is to write about the present day education system adopted in the schools worldwide. You have seen your school and have personally experienced the education system. You must have noticed similar trend followed in schools in the vicinity of your town and city. You can now make a further and deeper analysis of other nations’ education system and the best and worst strategies the educational institutions use to do so. The analysis can be a part of your research that is going to be your rough draft for your fair writing work.
Your research can also include some of the individual cases of students who have had their experiences that can contribute to your research and analysis.
What is a persuasive essay?
Like all essays, persuasive essays too revolve around a particular topic and reach to the reader’s attention. However, the similarity between argumentative and persuasive essays is that the amount of research needed is quite demanding and much more compared to other pieces of writing. Furthermore, these argumentative essays are limitless and thus, go beyond the boundary of one’s usual scenario to cover extensive research.
The various sources to conduct research for the interesting persuasive essay topics can be-

  • Journals and magazines,
  • Newspapers,
  • Periodicals,
  • Books,
  • Interviews with resource personalities,
  • Surveys and statistical analyses
  • Websites of corporate and government agencies
  • Articles and blogs, etc.

The challenges
The main challenge is to influence even the most stubborn brains and make them see your point. Your readers can be of any type, gullible or strong minded. The writer’s task is to write creatively, using all his researched points and evidences.
Writing is no less than a fantastic artist and is a weapon to persuade a large number of people. Beginning with the analyzing and researching on the given topic among the interesting persuasive essay topics, one can proceed with making a list of the collected facts. Then, decide on the strongest of the points and opinions and list them out in a descending pattern. Knowing your views on the topic is essential not to get overwhelmed by the researched opinions and facts.
However, keeping a broad mind is always a welcoming requirement as a writer. Once you list them out, reflect your debatable perspective on the given topic and write your thesis.
The general format
For any given interesting persuasive essay topic, one must follow the typical format of essay writing. Beginning with a thesis statement that focuses on the topic and presents your views concisely and clearly, the introduction is the next important part of an essay.
The first impression always lasts longer. Thus, we cannot take a chance at taking the introductory paragraph for granted when it comes to persuasive writing. It should contain strong points and elaboration of the thesis, thus hinting the readers about what’s more to come as they proceed further.
The body will contain the more of your evidence and researched cases, all connecting with the thesis originally stated. The more you give examples, the more influential your work will be. In fact, for people to get your point, you need to make them stand where you stand. It is a beautiful combination of imagination and awareness while being deeply lost in one’s writing work. Thus, it is no less than responsibility for a writer.
Now, when you are given some interesting persuasive essay topics, you need not take it as a burden or a pending assignment. Rather it is an opportunity to prove your potentials and allow others to witness how hard you can work for the given assignment.
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