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The Best Programming Boot Camps/Courses in the United States

By Michelle Johnson
28 Oct, 2015
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Programming courses are in abundance these days. But choosing the course which matches the aptitude of the learner is very critical. So is choosing the right training center. Here is a list of a few training centers and courses offered by them.

1.    Anyone Can Learn To Code
Anyone Can Learn To Code is based in Chicago. This programming boot camp allows you to learn web programming and web development, in a period of just 12 weeks. Since classes are held on Sundays and week nights, you will be able to manage your job hand in hand, while completing the course.
Courses offered: Web development.

Topics covered: Rails, Ruby, CSS, HTML, Javascript, SQL, GIT, Angular JS.

Location: San Francisco, Chicago.
Students are given help in getting placements, given live projects to work on so that it can be shown as a part of their experience and highlighted in Curriculum Vitae.

2.    Code Fellows
They promise guaranteed employment to graduates within a year of successful completion of the course. If any candidate fails to find within 9 months from completion of course, they promise to pay back the tuition fees.
Courses offered: Unix and GIT for everyone, Introduction to software development and careers in Technology, Foundations of Software Development, Full Stack Java Script development accelerator, iOS Development Accelerator, Foundations in Computer Science and Web Development, Advanced Software Development in iOS, Advanced Software Development in Python.

Topics covered: Python, Full Stack Javascript, iOS Development
Location: Chicago, Portland, Seattle.

3.    Coder Camps
It is one of the best programming boot camps that allow you to learn .NET and Web Development. Only boot camp offering students Bizpark MSDN so that for the next 3 years, the students get all Microsoft Products. It is located in four major cities in the US and the teaching system is so effective that the students get hands on experience in real life projects.

Courses offered: Full Stack .NET, Full Stack Java script.
Topics covered: coding from scratch, Full Stack .NET, Full Stack Java script.
Location: Online, Seattle, Houston, SF Bay Area.

4.    Coder Foundry
This boot camp specializes in .NET coding. It is the leading technology and the business technology of leading business corporations in the United States. They support their students by giving placements to them in the numerous companies that hire .Net developers as they have recruiting relationship with hundreds of such companies.

Courses offered: Master Class.
Topics covered: .Net, HTML 5, Java Script, Angular JS, CSS 3, MVC, C#
Location: Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina.

5.    Codeup
They offer personalized programming boot camps ranging from 4 to 6 months and wow to change non techies into entry level wed programmers. A unique 12 month course called “CodeYear” is also offered for students who are doing their undergraduate courses from any college or university. They claim that by the time the students finish college, they would have under their belts, a good live project participation experience and technical internship.

Courses offered: LAMP +, Web Development.
Topics covered: Unix, My SQL, Apache, Java Script, PHP.
Location: San Antonio.

6.    Coding Campus
This is a training camp offering a 9 week full time course in Python/ Angular JS and a part time 18 week course in Java Script Mean Stack. The introduction to Web development is done by offering to help students make their own websites. Another highlight is that on a weekly basis, hiring representatives from many parts of Utah come and talk to students about their organization and what those companies are looking for in their employees and what they have to offer.

Courses offered: Introduction to Web development, Full time Web development, Part time web development, iOS Mobile Development.

Topics covered: Python, Angular JS, Java script, Django, iOS
Location: Provo, Utah.

7.    Coding Dojo
The unique feature of this training camp is that they aim in making the students familiarize with the basics of coding in all programming languages. There would be a basic format unique to all computer languages though similarities also would be there. But learning and understanding the basics is essential as it would equip the students to learn a new language in future with ease. 3 options are available which are flexible too in comprehensive, full stack coding education.

Courses offered: Online Web development boot camp, Hybrid Web development boot camp, Onsite Web development boot camp.

Topics covered: Front end developing fundamentals, Java Script, HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, My SQL, Ajax, Angular JS, Ruby, Rails, Mongo DB Express, Redis, Postgres.

Location: San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle.

8.    Grand Circus
It is an ideal place for students aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs. It has facilities to host networking events regularly. The 8 week intensive Java training have projects allotted to students by grouping them. This practice gives a strong foundation and enables the students to work as a team. They have connections with companies like Google and Microsoft and prepare the students with a strong understanding of Java so that they can be easily placed as an entry level Java developer.

Courses offered: Building Dynamic Websites, Java boot camp.
Topics covered: iOS.
Location: Detroit.

9.    Hack Reactor
Though one may find innumerable boot camps teaching Ruby on Rails, many of them do not focus on Java Script. But Hack Reactor focus on Java Script too and has the best reviews by students. It is considered to be one of the best coding boot camps of the United States.

Courses offered: Web Development
Topics Covered: Algorithms, Data Structures, Node.js, SQL, My SQL, Mongo DB, Express, GIT, HTML, Java Script, CSS, Angular JS.

Location: San Francisco.

10.    Starter League
It is the best place for beginners who want to prove themselves in programming career. A 3 month web development course offered by this training center enables a beginner with zero knowledge to become a full-fledged, skilled web programmer. Another program called Starter School, prepares front end programmers in building complex web sites. (by coding the back end)

Courses offered: Starter school, Web Development.
Topics Covered: Design, Programming and Development of web sites, Java Script.
Location: Chicago

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