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Some Best Resources for Learning Programming on Own

By Michelle Johnson
28 Oct, 2015
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Today mastering computer programming is very easy with the help of lot of interactive websites, online courses and study materials like books. Here are the name of a few websites and study materials that teach coding using various computer languages and help people in mastering the art.

1.    Code Academy.
This is a famous website that teaches anybody and everybody to learn coding and programming with a very helpful interface. The courses are well structured and the console is very much user friendly. It offers courses in Web fundamentals, Java Script, Python, PHP, JQuery, Ruby and APIs. The user interface of this website has two panels. One of them explains the lessons with necessary instructions. The second panel is for the learner to write and test his own code if it is working properly without any errors and test if it gives the correct output. Both panels have instructions and warnings for errors and makes the learner feel just the same way as he would be learning from somebody live.

2.    Code Avengers.
Though this website only offers to teach HTML5, Java Script and CSS3, it makes the learner love programming and helps to develop interest in the field of coding. Courses are designed with lot of care so that the learner can sharpen his programming skills and master it with much ease. The learner gets to play small games at the end of each lesson for the purpose of relaxation and release of accumulated stress. The approach in teaching each lesson is medium paced and it is interactive with very little code and some playful instructions. The lessons are arranged in a sequential manner keeping in mind the comfort level of a beginner and the level of difficulty increases only gradually.

3.    Code School
If the courses offered by Code Academy and Code Avengers are for beginners, Code School is the next level website for someone who is ready to expand his capabilities and this is the must place for him to land on. This website offers in depth courses that train the learner in becoming an expert who can match industry standards. Courses are with impressive designs but the challenging mock tests after each tutorial might seem to be a bit difficult for the amateur programmers. While most of the courses are offered for free learning, there are courses that will require a fee of $ 25 per month to have access to all tutorials and test papers. Courses offered by this website are Ruby, HTML, CSS, Java Script and iOS.

4.    Treehouse
When the learner has learned basics of programming, and is familiar with in depth programming practices, now he can move on to project oriented courses that will make him a novice programmer. This website will enable the learner build a website or develop an application independently. For example, the website course offered by Treehouse enables the learner to build a responsive or interactive website which is the most efficient and practical way to master the course. Every course has different modules and after the first module of each course, the learner is supposed to pay a monthly fee of $ 25 to have access to further tutorials and its related test papers.

5.    CodeHS
While most of the websites spoken about here deals with teaching web development and computer language programming, CodeHS is a little different site that it is one with simple, fun to work with kind of lessons in game programming and involves a lot of problem solving. Data Structures, animation, game design and Java Script are taught here. It teaches how to think while writing programs using algorithms. It is so helpful to deep rooted planting of concepts of programming in the mind of the learner and helps the learner to solve the problem with a systematic approach in mind. The fee structure is $ 25 per month.

6.    Khan Academy
Khan Academy’s courses are not structured like that of CodeHS. But it gives a platform for both novice programmers and amateurs who are interested to learn animation with code. This site does not teach any programming language in specific but teaches a pattern that can be applied while learning any computer language as most of the languages have certain similar syntax and pattern followed. For a beginner, their “Programming Basics course to watch and learn basic concepts” is best suited. There is also an interactive video at the end of the tutorial to validate what one has understood.

7.    Open Courseware Consortium
The Open Courseware Consortium or OCW was actually popularized by the MIT, US in 2002 by putting its course materials on the World Wide Web. Now there are a lot of educational institutions doing the same. The website of this consortium allows a learner to search and study various topics from schools or institutions that are listed as the members of this consortium. There is much more than programming help that is available. It is absolutely free and the difficulty level of learning is medium to tough. One can always have his own study material, but the entire courseware of any course is also available.

8.    Kernighan and Ritchie’s The C Programming Language (Book)
This book has a clear style and teaches the language of C with simple examples and is considered to be one of the best language specific programming books of all times. It is of course somewhat dry but those who have an inclination to C programming will definitely find this book useful and treat it like a bible to C.

9.    Mozilla Developer Network
This network is supported by Mozilla for programmers to learn new technologies. It helps any aspiring developer to sharpen his programming skills and teaches HTML, Java Script, CSS, Graphics with tutorials, Demos, reference guides etc.

10.    Scratch 2.0
For somebody like a school kid, if he wishes to learn the basics of programming at a very early stage, Scratch 2.0 is a very useful site. It is not too hard core like CodeHS or Khan Academy.

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