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Project Management – Basic details associated with this

For the uninitiated – the detailed planning, initiation, controlling, execution and conclusion of a particular project is known as management of that project. Since this task is undertaken to deal with launching of a particular product, therefore each of the core details as well as additional aspects have to be controlled by the concerned project manager.

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Stages to be followed in this management

Technically there are 5 stages in preparing a project – from its analysis to execution. Each of these steps are very important for ensuring that result is stupendous and brings the most positive aspect of that product.

Step 1: Conceptualising the basic germ of idea which will act as base for future operations and applications

Step 2: Defining that idea and charting out a course plan for that

Step 3: Executing that idea as per protocols and given parameters

Step 4: Managing performance levels of that project

Step 5: Completion and final handover of the project

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Procedures followed and student’s problems

For students, the primary concern is – whether to use traditional methodologies as that of Waterfall technique or try out latest lateral concepts in a particular project. Since various projects demand different treatment, choosing out the correct format is very important.

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