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Physics Homework Battle: Who Will Win Students, Teachers or Parents?

by Jun 29, 2016Physics

Physics and its homework depend on your knowledge. Undoubtedly, if you have a lot of homework and you have the ability of understanding the things, then you just need to concentrate and solve out the questions properly. So, in that case students can easily win this homework battle. However, the different conditions are there where each one takes part in this battle. Let’s know something about that and also know the exact winner.
Who will win the battle of Physics homework?
If you are going to find out the answer of this, then you will see that each one has a great role in that. Here is the contribution of parents.
They describe the facts at the initial stage –
Do you think that physics means only higher level study? No, you just remind the things that when students start a subject Physics, then they need to understand many facts, however some laws and rules, which are not very much clear to them, can take a long time to describe and also some hesitations. Now, if you are in the school level and your parents are able to describe everything in a proper way, then you can easily understand that parents are important here to solve the question of Physics.
How to help to the child –
Sometimes, parents also get confused in case they are not related to profession of study and it’s a long time for them to be contacted with the book of Physics. Now, what they do? They go through the internet or the book of their child to understand the matter in an appropriate way and then explain everything properly. It means if your parents are unable to get the answer, then they will surely help you in finding out the right answer by their own effort through books or through any other sources.
What is the contribution of teachers?

  • Teachers are the sources through which every student can understand the different factors to understand each topic of Physics in their class. Moreover, if the students have any confusion, then always go to the teachers. Now, it is also important for each student to clarify everything from their teachers and in that case teacher is very important for them.
  • The exact explanation and determination of formulas through laws are very important for the students. Now, it is very important for you to know that how a lot of confusions get clear from your teacher.
  • When you have some doubts related to any question in Physics, then you will get that accurate answer from your teacher.
  • Now, if you conclude that how teachers are important in your life for solving your problem. In case you face some difficult problem, then you must ask to your teacher to clarify the things in a well manner.

So, contribution of teachers are really appreciable and if you desire to think that teachers are very much responsible, then you are right as teachers always need to face different problems as well as different types of students at a time.
How students are accurate?

  • Each topic is vital for a student. Students have a great contribution as in doing homework properly, they must have perfect knowledge. One more thing, that some students have an excellent ability to complete homework just like the requirement. However, at the higher level, they need to do everything in a meticulous way. It means if you are a student and you have a load of homework, then you have to clarify everything in a proper way. Moreover, if you don’t have much confidence about your solution, which is unknown to a bit, then you can go to take a consult with your teacher.
  • Curiosity of doing the perfect homework is very important. The students always think to score higher and homework is the right way of preparing for your examination. So, the confidence level of students will go up in that case. This is the reason that student also do everything in a proper way. If you have curiosity then you don’t have to think about “Why your homework excuse never works out the way you plan?”
  • Students also get a lot of confidence and knowledge through their project works and practical in Physics. So, they have to remind the things while they do homework or they write answers in examination. Not only doing practical is important, but it is also important for them to understand its conclusion.
  • Derivatives of Laws and different formulae are also important for them to get proper assistance in their numerical problems, which are the important part of Physics and its homework. So, it is very important for a student to take care of each part as theory, practical as well as numerical in a balanced way. They also know that without making perfect in each part they are unable to score properly.

Who wins the battle of homework?
Here the question arises is “Who wins the battle of homework in Physics?” So, from the different parts of the three different conditions you can conclude that each one has important role in that. However, the homework means the work of students and parents and teachers are there to assist the students, not to complete their homework.
If homework is important for these people and battle is there for homework, then undoubtedly it’s a student who spends a lot of time in doing this. No matter the children belong to school level or college level, even the students of university level also think of their homework to make everything perfect. However, in these competitive days, students sometimes take the assistance of online help for their convenient. In that sense you can easily get that how teachers or faculties are also habituated in performing homework.
Now, this is not the time of confusion about thinking the winner, but this is a bit clear that each one is important in completing homework. If any one of these three does not do perfect work in his place, then this proper flow of doing homework will get disturbed and you cannot make it perfect at that moment.