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Statistics Assignment: Is Homework at School Challenging for Students?

By Michelle Johnson
29 Jun, 2016

Homework has been troubling students since time immemorial. This is one relationship which do not seem to better with time and has come to cause a lot of trouble. Homework has become increasingly challenging for students, and rarely leaves any time for the students to concentrate on anything else. It consumes all their times and some students even have to sit for six longs hours each week in America to just finish their homework. It is no surprises that older students get more amount of homework than their younger counter parts, but what is surprising is figuring out how much do they help.
It is no surprise that many older students fail to complete their home tasks. This is primarily because of three reasons. One, they are simply not interested in completing it and would rather devote their time to some other interest. Or the amount of tasks assigned is too much and is becomes a lot of work to complete.  Or they cannot comprehend much of that subject and the tasks assigned and lose all hope and give up.
When it comes to a subject like statistics, many students just do not find the enthusiasm to do it. With its interpretation and analysis of data and charts that fall under this subject, it becomes increasingly difficult for students to work upon it, especially if they hate maths. Moreover, it requires the student’s full concentration to observe the data that is given and to draw an inference and solve the problem at hand. Thus, it poses quite a challenge for restlessstudents and for students who hate maths.
Thus, many students are made to devote more than 2 hours just to complete their homework assigned by the school. To someone whom the concept is not clear, especially when they can’t  figure out how to interpret the data and go on to solve it successfully,  it becomes increasingly difficult to complete it and becomes a huge challenge that they have to overcome to avoid any sort of problem at school or in college.
‘Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.’
How to deal with such problems?
Despite the presence of such challenges, it is imperative that the students find out ways to combat such problems. They have to complete these homework assigned on statistics to learn it better so that they can solve these problems better in the future. The only way to solve your problems is to approach it in a holistic manner. This can be done by devising new methods to complete your homework as stated below.
Make a schedule
To combat such challenging homework on statistics, the first step that you need to take is to make a schedule that will ensure that you remain true to your work and employ your sincere efforts to complete your task. Assess the time when you feel relaxed and refreshed and appoint that time as appropriate for completing your homework.
‘To lead is to make sure your daily schedule reflects your deepest priorities.’
Practice maketh one perfect
It is no secret that the more you practice, the better you become with that particular topic. It is the same with statistics and since it falls under maths, it is essential that you practice every day. This will ensure that you understand the topic better and also stay in touch with the topic which will; help you to complete your homework faster, and by investing less amount of effort too.
Enhance your observational skills
Statistics is all about observing what’s relevant and what’s not. It requires a great amount of observation skill. You need to analyse eachand every chart and data presented and go through it thoroughly to calculate and solve the problem given on it efficiently. Thus, you need to work on your skills and this can be done only through practice.
Choose a quiet place to concentrate
It is imperative that when you sit down to complete your homework and it is as challenging a subject as statistics; make sure that you get away from all sorts of distractions and choose a quiet room to concentrate on your assignment. Switch off your phone, laptop and even your television and get into a separate room. This allows you to concentrate better and get over the challenging task of completing your homework.
Always ask for help
Whenever you feel that you cannot understand anything, or desperately need some help, ask for it immediately. This helps you to understand the topic better as well as complete such a challenging task effortlessly.
Homework on statistics, thus pose a huge challenge to students, and especially if a bulk is assigned to the students to complete within a short time. It is imperative for the teachers to understand the problems faced by the students and try and come across clearly to help them out.

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