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People Should Know Why Homework Should Be Banned Facts and Opinions

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Why Homework Should Be Banned Facts and Opinions

Schools and colleges often give homework to the students. Sometimes they get new and unknown assignments to do. Without proper information and knowledge, students often do it in a wrong way. Students do not even find anybody at home for help. Actually, these type of practices making the thing worse. Nowadays, this is one of the reasons why homework should be banned facts are overwhelming. Click here for talking help with assignments.

Today, parents are too busy in doing their responsibilities to run the family in a great way. More often they are not able to teach their students related to the subjects. All these facts leave a student alone to fetch the information and do the homework. When these students go to the school next day, they may be punished or scolded by their teachers because of the wrong presentation.

“Homework Leads To Half of Your Energy Wasted In Random Knowledge”

Reasons you should know why homework should be banned facts are overwhelming:

  • Homework takes away freedom of a student:

Normally kids do not want to wake up early in the morning. They feel more relax and energetic when they sleep for long hours and wake up late in the morning. Holidays are the best time for students to spend more hours on the bed. Anyhow, they have to do study every day. If they get homework in holidays, then it becomes a heart breaking job for them. Whatever the consequences are, students have to complete homework in time.

  • No time for exercises:

Exercises are not constrained to any age. Any age group people can do exercises. Students go to school and spend hours then come back. Literally, they do not get much time to become fresh and eat. Most of the students back and take rest then start practicing their homework. During the weeks and weekends, they are busy in doing school homework at home.

  • No time to play outdoor games:

Nowadays you can see more students are involved in home activities. Students do not have enough time to go out and play sports. They are rushing to the way to finish their homework. Parents are not able to find any solution for this. They do all these headaches and become tired. The clock runs its way and by the time they finish, it is the time for sleep.

  • Often break students confidence:

Many students do not know the topic and the way to do it correctly. Homework cannot be done without the proper tool. No one can judge a student’s ability from homework itself. If you are going to provide wrong information, then this will lead to misuse of the concepts that you know. That’s why homework should be banned facts are overwhelming.

Suppose students do it in the wrong way and many teachers make a fun of them in the class.It happens in many schools because of uncultured professionals. This type of activities will break the confidence of the students. Irrespective of this, teachers should help students in the proper understanding of topics and make it clear how to relate them to the subject.

  • Homework doing not an achievement:

Students who do homework exactly in the terms of a teacher will not achieve a feat at all. If you always remain in the study and working hard to do homework, then you will not get enough time for other works. It becomes monotonous to you. It can lead to affect the causal relationship with others. Actually,to do homework is not a learning process. Students treat homework to compete with other students.

  • Most homework creates bad habits:

If a student remains involved in homework, then the study hours for another subject will be on the stack. You will not able to get enough time to study and read. Many students just do homework like a daily activity. Typically, homework never motivates students. They do not even understand the topic and complete it without any motivation.This is the reason why homework should be banned facts is discouraging.

  • Less time to spend with family members:

Homework load engages the hours of a student. It sharply reduces the time that children need to spend with their families. Family time is much important in the growing age of a child to understand the relationship between different people. It helps in creating social attachments and teaches them how to live in society.

  • Conflict with parents:

Many times students do not want to do homework and study. They are just tired and want to take rest. Sometimes this creates a conflict between children and parents. Parents never want to scold their kids, but the situation makes it happen.

  • Homework can encourage to cheat:

When students have a lot of work to finish in time, then they have to copy from other students. If a teacher recognizes both the work similar, then the teacher may punish both. This attempt to copy leads to teaching them how to cheat efficiently so that teachers cannot recognize both the works same. All these effects are propelling why homework should be banned facts.

Is homework a headache or not?

What do you think? It is better to ask students and their parents. Parents work hard to watch their kids developing in every field. Homework becomes frustrated work when it comes to family tour and parties. Most homework takes away free time of a child. To breathe is not enough to live. A student needs more than that to live an enjoyable childhood to grow comfortably. You should know why homework should be banned facts and processes to get rid of it.

“We just need to figure out what the right dosage is. Currently, it is too high.”

Another thing is that homework is not an extra curricular activity. Parents provide tutors for teens who are struggling in homework activities. This engages the rest of the hours of a student. Many parents send their teens to the boarding schools. You should know about your child’s activity and performance.It is a matter of concern how is homework harmful or helpful for students. Parents and teachers should think about it deeply.

Parents can talk with deans and head of the school regarding why homework should be banned facts and present their opinions. It is a matter of concern why homework should be banned; facts and opinions are making students socially and culturally weaken. The higher education system is working hard to solve these problems. Ultimately, we all need justice to help students and their family.

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