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Find the Uncountable Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Homework is actually assigned to a student so that he learns better and keeps the parents out of trouble after school hours. Despite being a helpful learning tool for a student, there are plenty of reasons why homework should be banned.
Homework may turn out as a waste of time
Homework doing is a good habit and it enriches a child’s learning ability flourishes thinking ability, but it also hinders thefree learning process. The main reasons why homework should be banned can be jot down as follows:
Is homework a total waste of time?

  • As a child might be doing his homework alone, chances of learning in the wrong way may occur. Parents have learned all these works a long time back using old methods, so they may not be of any help to their kids, leaving them at aloss and leading them to learn wrong things.
  • Children go to school every day and they hardly get any chance to do any activities or exercises. At home also homework makes them feel bored leaving them agitated and to pursue unhealthy habits like munching junk food and doing no exercises. During the weekends also the students can’t go anywhere for the fear of finishing homework. Even if they manage to do some sports or exercises they are always running out of time. They need to finish homework by awaking till late night leaving them drowsy throughout the day.
  • This homework is often considered as a grade and it fails to prove how well a child understands the core concepts. If somebody takes help from an elder or a classmate to finish his homework, it will only give improper information about your ability to your teacher. If a student does his homework by himself, then there are chances of errors, and theteacher may get an undesirable impression about you and thereby your grades will be much lower than your classmates. It will create discrimination among students inside a class.
  • There can be various ways to help a kid in learning. Many lab-based experiments can help them learn science better, geographical and botanical tours will help them to get a crystal clear idea about topography, climate and plants. Instead of sending homework teachers can assist them after school to learn better.

The various reasons why homework should be banned the only highlight to the fact that it is of no good for the budding children. A question may however occur whether homework hinders or helps a child’s learning process. This burden of homework is mostly found in countries with higher social inequality and lower incomes.
Consequences of homework upon children:
There are a considerable amount of reasons why homework should be banned totally from a child’s life.

  • Almost 10% of fourth-grade children are suffering from at least 30 minutes extra homework on each day. It results in distraction in sleep and taking a toll on their mental and physical state.
  • Peer pressure, social and parental pressure also makes a child overstressed and over doing their homework. It is also a known fact that middle and high school students can work for alonger duration than the elementary school kids. The teachers should consider age and other criteria before burdening them with homework.
  • Sometimes parents and children may conflict over homework, and it will generate anegative impact on academics and also in aparent- kid relationship.

Why does teacher love to assign homework to the kids?
There are plenty of reasons why homework should be banned totally, as it hinders a child’s thinking process and their free learning ability. The teachers love to assign homework to the kids because:

  • Lack of planning.
  • Limited time to finish a lot of syllabi.
  • They hardly have any autonomy over the curriculum.
  • Homework is an easy option to finish the huge syllabus.

What should the teachers ideally do?
The very reasons why homework should be banned totally have arisen because the teachers fail to provide a structured and methodical way of teaching difficult chapters to the students. With constant support from the teachers you can forget your worry and learn easily how to do your Chemistry homework properly.
Teachers should do

  • The teachers should sit with each and every child and their parents at regular interval to discuss the problems.
  • They should give a clear idea of what the homework is all about and what is expected.
  • After school the teacher can sit with children to discuss the problem areas.
  • The school grade is not a major issue to decide a child’s academic standard.

Besides, according to a survey, 80% students find various reasons why homework should be banned. The main reasons are as follows:
Reasons why homework should be banned?

  • Often the test grades suffer due to the huge homework burden. Many children need to do some household chores and thus they find difficult to manage both homework and house.
  • It paves a hindrance to learning as children are likely to do only homework and doesn’t want to learn more than that. It disrupts their interest to develop on a particular subject.
  • It is certainly a total waste of time as children have already studied a lot in school. After school hours is the time to enjoy, to refresh, to hang out and to pursue some hobbies. With the constant pressure of homework, hobbies can’t be developed.
  • The children often get back home late and then they do their homework. Often they have to stay awake for long to prepare for thetest and to finish their respective homework. As a result inadequate sleep keeps them sleepy and drowsy and they often lose interest from academics.
  • Other reasons why homework should be banned are children can study freely, they can do some reference work and can enhance their knowledge in various spheres.

To reduce the stress and anxiety among students, homework should be banned or may be assigned each subject a day. Mostly, children find difficult to cope when different subject teachers assign homework on each day. It is very difficult to concentrate as you are always rushing out of time. While writing History your mind is thinking about mountains and plateaus, resulting inerror-filled homework. The innumerable reasons why homework should be banned suggests that children are suffering worldwide.