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Know the Efficacious Ways to Learn and Be Fluent In English

by Apr 19, 2017English

English may not be spoken mostly in the world, but it is considered as the official language in a large number of countries. It is said that the number of people in the world that use English language to communicate. English is the dominant business language, and it has become almost a necessity to speak in English.

Here are some of the ways that I tried out and you too can seek help from them.

Let’s discuss simple ways to learn English

  • Studying English for just an hour a day will help you. ‘Practice makes a man perfect,’ the best way to improve your English is to spend time practicing English. Challenge yourself to read English, to write, to listen and to speak. If you want to be fluent in English, make it a part of your daily schedule.
  • Attitude plays a very important role. Right attitude can make a difference. Stop thinking that you are learning English, start thinking that you are someone who speaks good English.
  • Be a good listener. Listening to English can help you learning it. Try listening not just words but try to understand the meaning and also the way the person is speaking.
  • Get an idea about new words. Try to improve your English vocabulary. The best way to remember the new word is to use it instantly to make it stay in your mind for a longer period. Using new words again and again in sentences you speak will help you not to forget it.
  • Speaking fluent English is all about expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a better way. To master this learn and study phrases.
  • Maintain a balance between studying and practicing English. Fluency does not mean using correct grammar; it is all about one must be able to communicate well. Even the native English speakers make grammatical mistakes. So just put your grammar books away and practice writing, reading, listening and speaking skills in the real world.
  • Take out that fear from mind that if you speak English, you will make a mistake. Even if you realize you are making a mistake while speaking English, don’t stop. Keep talking. The more you speak, the more you will feel confident, and the more quickly right words will hit your mind.
  • Try to learn English from everyone. Don’t depend on textbooks and teachers. Anyone who speaks in English can help you learn and be fluent in English. If you come across someone who is your friend or colleague who speaks in English, take advantage of the opportunity to practice and learn from them.

You must be thinking what if you don’t find native speaker. Writing, reading, listening are some skills which can be practiced alone.

Let’s find out some ways what to do when you don’t have anyone who speaks English:

  • Think in English. This is the best way which helps you when there is no one available to speak with you in English and you can practice. Try to translate between languages in mind. You can do this anytime anywhere. Try to ask question in mind and answer the questions in mind in English.
  • Talk to yourself when you are at home and alone. Try to speak loud in English. In this way, you will be more comfortable speaking English.
  • Take out few minutes and stand in front of mirror and speak. Choose a topic, set a timer for 2-3 minutes and just talk about that topic. Notice your face, mouth and body language. It will make you feel like you are in front of someone and talking. Pretend that you are having a conversation with someone. Don’t stop and speak confidently for 2-3 minutes. If you get stuck, try to use your body to explain. Move your hands and express.
  • Your focus should be on fluency not on grammar. Challenge yourself. Don’t stop and stammer. If you speak fluently, you don’t have to use correct grammar. When there is fluency in English and you are communicating well, proper grammar can be avoided. Fluency will make your English sounds better.
  • Try some tongue twisters. This will help you to speak fluent English. Even this game will improve your pronunciation.
  • Watch videos and movies in English. Repeat lines said by them. Try to match the tone and speed. Even you can practice the accent. Try to make yourself sound like native speakers.
  • Listen English songs and try to sing along.
  • Learn the most common sayings in English. By learning sayings, you can use them in your day to day life.
  • Prepare yourself for specific If you are planning to visit a restaurant, then try to think what you will say there to communicate with them in English. Knowing what to speak,will help you speak instantly. Try to talk more about food and menus.
  • To know whether your English has improved, tell a story in English. Speak loudly and fluently. It will build your confidence and master your English.
  • Remember you can be your best helper in learning English and speaking it fluently.

We can say that it is difficult to speak in English, but it is not impossible. If you stuck, just breathe and start speaking again. Dive into the deep end.