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How Can You Complete Your Entire Homework in 20 Minutes?

by Apr 19, 2017Homework Help

Students hate homework, but it is given by the teachers daily to gain more knowledge about the topics taught in class. Students get a chance to learn self-discipline and responsibility by completing their homework on time.

Problems faced by students in completing their homework-

  • Too much homework drops their confidence, and they keep struggling in completing each one of them.
  • Lack of evidence regarding the topic makes them feel disturbed.
  • Too much interruptions and noisy atmosphere is an obstacle to homework and assignments.
  • Many students have personal problems like trauma or illness, and they feel difficulties in reading and learning.
  • Unsuitable time management can create difficulties for the students.
  • Lack of parent’s involvement in their homework makes them feel troubled.

When students are busy with after school works, sports activities or extra-curricular activities, they do not always find enough time to complete their homework. Do you always leave your homework for last minute? And then you panic and get stressed? I want to share some tricks which I found useful as a student. Follow them when you are doing your assignment at last minute.

  • Avoid Noisy Areas

Try to avoid noisy areas to complete your homework at last minute. Distractions like TV, phone, and other people can get into your way as a hurdle. Finding an area which is free of disruptions is a very important trick. Turn off your phone as it is the most distracting thing, the pop-ups will never let you concentrate.

  • Have Materials Nearby

The things which you need to complete the homework must always available and near you. Your things must be organized and kept tidily. If you keep on searching for a thing, then it will be time-consuming.

  • Look At The Subject Outline And Start Doing It

Take few minutes to look at the outline and understand the assignment. It will help you do it without stopping. Also, it is based on this that you can accumulate materials that will be required in completion of that assignment.

  • Give It A Promising Start

If you will start doing your assignment confidently, you will be able to complete it on time or even before time.also, it should be catchy, so that teacher is attracted at the first instance.

  • Try To Do The Most Important Part First

Do the important part first. If the subject is math, then it needs fresh mind to solve. Do the thinking topics later. Leave five-minute worksheets for the end.

  • Clear Your Doubts Immediately

If you have any doubt regarding the homework, ask your parents or elder ones at home without wasting your time. This will ensure saving of time and you will able to complete your homework faster. Don’t try to think about it and waste your time.

  • Take Online Help

Some websites which provide online help services provide 24*7 chat services. You can register yourself for free and chat with the experts and get your homework done by them. Their response is reallyquick and you can get your queries answered instantly.

  • Don’t Take A Break Unnecessarily

Taking unnecessarilybreaks will waste time and you will not be able to concentrate if you take frequent breaks. Don’t take a break until you are done and unless absolutely needed.

  • Feel Proud Of Yourself For How Well You’re Handling This-

Completing entire assignment in 20 minutes is not an easy task. Feel proud when you are handling this.

  • Don’t Panic

Make sure you don’t get frustrated. Keeping yourself calm and composed will help you the most. Try to be confident to avoid errors while doing homework at last minute.

  • Stay Motivated

Students are more likely to complete their homework if they find it interesting and enjoyable. Try to motivate yourself. If the due date of your assignment is not the next day, then avoid doing it at last minute. Do the relevant homework. Think of the time you will enjoy once you complete your homework successfully.

Quick tips to do your homework fast-

  • Prepare yourself.
  • Ask your parents and siblings to give you privacy.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Plan how long it will take to complete the assignment.
  • Organize your homework.
  • Make sure you understand the homework so that you don’t waste time.
  • Postpone assignments that are not to be submitted the next day.
  • Make sure you stay focused and concentrate on your assignment.
  • Reward yourself for each task.
  • If you are taking break then don’t take long breaks. I will advise to avoid breaks when you have only 20 minutes in hand to complete your assignment.
  • Use timer. It will help you to stay alert.

Avoid doing bulk homework. Try to complete your homework daily. Here time management plays an important role. If you have got larger projects to do, break it down into manageable tasks. Stop multi-tasking. It will decrease your performance. Be comfortable while you are doing your homework at last minute, for example, Comfortable place, comfortable chair to sit and comfortable clothes to wear.