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Know How Parents Play Crucial Role in Child’s Life

by Oct 25, 2016Homework Solution

Without questioning, parents are responsible for who a child becomes in life and where they end up. Children are dependent on their parents from the moment they are conceived in the womb of the mother. After attaining nine months of protection in the womb when a child is born, from then the dependency is further strengthened.

What a child eats, drinks, feels and who he becomes is all dependent on the parents and the way they take care of this new life, nurturing and guiding it.

Role of parents in daily life:

  • Unconditional acceptance

This is perhaps the most important feature of parents. They have unconditional positive regard for their children. No matter how they look, talk or perform in life parents always believe their kid is the best. This is very important for a child’s growth of self-concept, confidence, and healthy mental growth.

  • Moral support

Have you ever wondered if your parents did not stand by you or support you where you would end up? Parents are the foundation which a child grows and builds themselves. Everything of what we know of morality and integrity is from them. They are individuals who help us to be good humans and live our lives with respect and held high.

  • Financial support

Those who are fortunate enough to have parents hardly need to worry about finances. No matter what earnings they have, you are always fed and clothed because of them. These individuals fund our education and try to meet our desires and demands.

  • Guidance

The advice given us to our guardians is the best mostly because they do not want us to make the mistakes they have made or get hurt they have. For parents, their children never grow old, and they wish to be with them giving advice and guidance at all times.

Role of parents in education

Even though in daily parents are our sources of dependence, when it comes to education they have an equal or more important role to play. Many times those persons with little or no education often want their offspring to get the best possible knowledge.

Also, the finances involved in modern day education are provided by them. Needless to say, the role these people play in life cannot be measured. Some of their crucial contributions are as follow:

  • Initial knowledge

Education has been defined rightly as a process of birth to death. Every little detail which we acquire through our daily lives is education. Parents are the first educators of our lives.

They teach us right from wrong, help us to understand how to understand who actually cares for us and who simply wishes to use us, guide us when it comes to choosing friends, dealing with emotional turbulence. Moreover, parents teach us our first language and the basics of it.

  • Enrolling in an institution

They are persons who enroll us into an institution so that we may learn the knowledge which will help us earn a living and become more independent. This is an extremely important contribution which most takes for granted due to the fact that no parent ever brags about it and often accepts as a duty.

Education is a privilege which most are deprived of till the present day if you are a lucky person who has been given the opportunity be thankful.

  • Accepting success and failure equally

These persons have unconditional love for us. However what is most interesting to note is that parents are equally accepting of success and failures. Our successes make them emotional, and so do our failures. However, if our parents do become upset, it is only because they care, and eventually, they do accept the failures as they come.

Also, parents help build back our self-confidence after it has undergone a beating and pick us up and dust off the sadness of our inabilities.

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”

  • Providing help

It is imperative that at times, children face problems in their lives and especially when it comes it their studies. There are new subjects which are introduced and concepts that are often difficult to grasp. It is again at this juncture that these students turn to their ever supporting parents for guidance and help.

Parents deal with the situation in one of the four ways stated below:

  1. The parents could try and make their children take responsibility and encourage them to learn on their own taking help from teachers and fellow students. This would inculcate the ability to takeresponsibility for one’s life.
  2. Another method would be to try and help the students themselves. If your parents have previously studied the subject in school or college, they could offer assistance and guidance to help you out. This could involve providing tips on how time management skills help you to be successful in academics.
  3. Parents could also try to get you some kind of help in terms of This would involve you getting help either fromtraining or coaching centersthat teach in batches, or you could hire a private tutor at home.
  4. The last and final method a parent can adopt is hiring an online professional tutor. An online tutor provides the following:
  • Guidance on any subject required and for as long as required
  • The child decides what they wish to study
  • These are professionals with a large amount of experience and hence can help out the students
  • The child can study at the time which fits them whether it is late in the morning or afternoon or night.
  • The pupils will be given only verified teachers who are experts in their fields.

Therefore if someone truly wants to help their children to be better students and to learn and excel in life, they can adopt one of the methods stated provide knowledge to the child.

Parents as role models

From when you were a child you voluntarily or involuntarily must have been greatly influenced by your mother or father. This could be to the extent that you copied them and wanted to be like them. This is a fact which has been psychologically proved and hypothesized by many learned persons.

Why do we want to be like our parents? The reason is that parents are hero-worshipped and idealized as role models. They are our immediate family and the people we are first introduced to in this world. Hence logically parents are the examples which we learn from and imbibe knowledge from.

One may thus conclude saying parents play a crucial role in determining our existence, ability to cope with situations and responsible for whom we become.