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Keep the Tricks up Your Sleeves to Improve Finance Assignment

by Oct 1, 2016Finance

It is only known to a finance teacher what it takes to teach and explain to students, how and where basic concepts are to be used and finally guide them through the assignment with required details to be put in. As accountancy and finance teacher for close to seven years, it has been quite an experience to meet up students and guide them in completion of their assignments.
In this time period I have seen students of quite a high merit making certain foolish mistakes that to a great level hamper their performance in such assignments. The mistakes that are made are quite simple, and what is required is introduction of certain tricks that would help gain your project a different level of professionalism for your projects.
Hence, being a teacher, I would like to share some tricks that will help you prepare the best of finance assignment on the given topic.
Finance: Its connection with real world
If there is some initial point that I am concerned with while teaching finance, it is the position and influence it has on present market and how it can be connected with regular studies and assignments.
Another very important point that I always consider is that while giving assignments to students, I am quite particular regarding choosing those topics that have direct relevance in the market. In this way, as a teacher not only can I make my students more aware of the topics that are pertinent but also ensure that they choose the correct process to complete their assignment.
Tricks that help provide outstanding results:
As a teacher, it is important that I find out new ways that would turn out to be beneficial for students as they complete their assignments. Most importantly, as I have noticed, in present times what is important in most of these assignments is that they tend to have the similar kinds of mistakes and problems.
In such a scenario, it is best that as students you should keep some tricks handy that will help in improving your assignments and fetch more marks.
Trick 1:
Concentrate specifically on the topic and some of its backdrop
I was once asked by a student as to why I should concentrate on the background of a particular topic while writing on that. Isn’t it already expected that the person who has given the assignment would know about it? Well, the answer is, it is a trick to get higher marks.
In this case, you must check certain aspects so that your presentation and assignment becomes the best.

  • If you give the reader a background idea of the main concept that your finance assignment is dealing with, the examiner will get the idea that you know what has happened.
  • This would automatically help in raising your opinion in the eyes of the examiner, and he would view your knowledge from a better angle.
  • This inclusion of the topic, total concentration on it will help your examiner know that you know which areas is to be focused on and will not lose your grip.

Since you are writing a finance assignment, hence, it is imperative that you concentrate on what is the current prospect and future tendencies. As I have already said, that it is a dynamic subject that requires constant updates. You must be thinking that how this could be a trick, but let me tell you that with inclusion of these points you have already ensured that your project is viewed in a different light.
Trick 2:
Resource in a proper manner including necessary aspects
I always advise my students to be sure of the place that they are resourcing from. I have seen in a number of cases that the websites that they have placed the data from are not up to date. Well, in case you wish to avoid such a problem, make sure that the first thing that you do is to check out online professional academic websites for the details.

  • Another important thing that you should do is check out the global data and websites of ministries. In case you did not know, most of the examiners look for such data from the ministries since they are authentic.

The primary function of an assignment is to give in detail what the examiner wants. So make sure include these data from websites of ministries for best results. If you want to have a general idea of the ways in which assignments are written for outstanding results, make sure to read up 8 tips to help students in writing outstanding assignments for a detailed explanation.
Trick 3:
Give connections with economics and accountancy
Well, most of the students don’t do this but you must try out this trick to get higher marks.

  • Add data and notes from other associated subjects! Finance as a subject is closely connected with economic performance of the market and accountancy issues.

It is based on the performance of the economy that finances are viewed and finally accounts are managed. I vehemently insist that you use this trick to connect these subjects in your assignment and finally present it. This will help your assignment get a better recognition than others, and you will surely get more marks.
Trick 4:
Give market scenario
Had it not been for a joint meeting, I would have never been able to suggest this step. In the recent joint meeting regarding ways to improve student’s performance in school assignments and presentations, I found more and more teachers concentrating on details of the market scenario.
Not all the students would agree to it, but finance being an ever changing subject, it is important that you add on these details to make your project better and more worthy in the eyes of the examiner.
Make sure that you put in some comparative financial data and future predictions to give your examiner an idea that you are well aware of the market conditions and adept at taking up greater and more important issues.
So, all set for your next finance project? Still, have queries? Well, all you have to do is just mail back your queries to us and we will get back to you in a jiffy! You can also put in your suggestions. Awaiting your reply!