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8 Tips to Help Students in Writing Outstanding Assignments

by Oct 1, 2016Assignments

It is not quite a fact that everyone would agree with but being a teacher and dealing with a number of students having multiple points of view is a challenge on a regular basis. Being in this profession for six years now and counting, I have had the fortune to deal with a number of students and their various demands.
In this respect, I would like to state that as a teacher, giving assignments to students and correcting them, guiding them in the correct manner are certain responsibilities that I have to do on a regular basis. Hence, in this respect, I get to see those major issues that create a problem for teachers, arising from the lack of understanding of concepts by students.
There occur certain situations wherein students though having the capacity to present papers and assignments in the best manner are still not able to perform to the best of their abilities. It is here, that as a teacher I feel a standard level of guidance is required.
Why are these assignments so necessary?
For a student, as being part of this profession I have seen, assignments are an easier and better mode to learn a particular subject in depth. Most of the students in my batch look forth towards getting weekly assignments rather than daily homework. So, the imperative is on me to provide students with that detailed list as to what should be included in their assignments to get the best of it!
Steps to ensure that students write quality assignments:
On a personal note I had checked out that students while writing down their assignments do certain mistakes as they do not follow a set pattern. It is this lack of professional touch, and a certain amount of discrepancy that to a great extent mars their efforts.
Here are some tips that I would like to put forth as a teacher in regards to bettering the standard of assignments for students.

  • In depth understanding and analysis of the topic

This is surely the first and the most important step that needs to be taken before starting off with an assignment. What I have seen in most of the cases, students do not try to analyse the topic that has been given to them and simply fill in all the details that are available before them. In this case, I would advise them to concentrate on certain aspects.

  • Since it is an assignment so make sure that you know what the topic is on which this project is to be stated.
  • In case you are new to that particular topic, I would suggest that you go in for bookish understanding first and then proceed.

I have personally seen that by following these steps students actually provide a better representation of that topic rather than in other cases.

  • Proper research should be done

Yes! While I have seen most of the students simply filling in all details this part, this is definitely the most important segment wherein a student needs to put in only those parts that are required.
I would like to share a personal experience here. One of my students in class was given to specifically to write on ‘Position of women in Victorian Times.’ However, the details that were stuffed in included the whole economy and position of the country in Victorian times with only minimal details on women and their position. That project could have been very well called a reflection of the Victorian times.
These are the major problems that I have seen cropping up and should be taken care of. In this case, there are a number of online professional academic websites that can be of great help to you.

  • Assignments should include arguments rather than mere points

As teachers we are already aware of certain points and ideas, hence a repetition of that which is found in most of the assignments is not required. Rather, here I would like to share certain other important points.

  • The student needs to put in some arguments along with the points to ensure that there is competence in him or her.
  • These arguments show that the student has a mind of his own and that is exactly what we teachers look for when we give assignments to students.
  • References from other disciplines of study

This is another tip that I have given most of my students. We teachers really want to see how you students interconnect various fields of study and place them in a proper manner.
I had once seen a student beautifully interconnect scientific norms with sociological theories, and that was one of the best assignments that I had read in recent times. You too can try it out!

  • Presence of evidence from various points of study

As a teacher, I would surely ask a student to go for it! Just interconnection of subjects is not enough, and I would suggest to students that they put in evidence to show exactly where and how those subjects are connected.
On a personal note, I truly enjoy reading those articles that make such connections evident, and I would suggest the same for you. If you want to know how well you can prepare other assignments as well, you can surely check out It’s time to reveal the 5 secrets to enhance Economics assignment!

  • Following of a specific style of writing

Though I have reprimanded students’ innumerable times in this context, yet this is one mistake that they constantly make. An assignment as I have mentioned has a certain way of presentation.
So students should take this point into concern and present the paper in that manner itself. There should be a specific introduction, body, and conclusion. Apart from that, an initial stating of thesis is to be done; its analysis is to be taken into consideration, and finally, an informative yet pleasant tone is to be kept.

  • Systematic flow of ideas

Here are certain steps that I have given to ensure that students who are new in this domain can follow and prepare an ideal presentation.

  • The thesis on which this assignment deals with should be first explained in a rough manner. I always suggest a rough work for students since I have seen this help.
  • Before an assignment is finally given, what is important is important details are written down in rough. This will ensure that while you are noting down the final one, you will not have to bring in many changes.
  • Proper proofreading of the final paper

Make sure that you do this! It becomes quite a tedious effort for us, teachers, to find out such small details and place it before you. However, not checking as I have seen can result in complete rejection of the article.
These are some of the tips that as a teacher I can suggest students to follow to get outstanding assignments. Do you have any other ideas? Do share them with us!