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It’s Time to Take a Look at Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Argumentative Essay!

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

The primary function that was associated with homework is to make sure that a student recapitulates what has been done in class. There have been a number of discussions on this topic in various is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay. In this regard, it will help students in making sure that they do not forget their lessons, and also keep up with that subject that has been done in class. In this way, students can surely understand basic concepts associated with a specific subject, and match up to links in that subject.
Taking note of a personal issue:
Keeping this in mind, there has been time that topic as is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay have been brought into light. Once, when I personally came across one of such essays, it made me sit up and take notice of this whole issue, and take a different route to it.  This whole concept made me question facets that are associated with homework, and in what manner can they be termed as helpful or harmful on a general basis.
Where can the main problem arise?
When there come such argumentative issues in terms of education, or fields associated with academics, you need to be very careful. This is mainly because demands and choices of students vary to a great extent. At times, there are students who enjoy doing their homework, and to a great extent completely negate their personal space. In this way, their homework is definitely completed, but that student is drained of all his capacities.
Whereas there are times, when students intend to concentrate on other topics as well, which in most cases gives rise to is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay type queries with variety of answers.
Queries associated with help that homework provide:
It is nature of each and everything to have a set of positive and negative aspects. When it comes to homework, there are also certain positive issues that need to be taken into concern.

  • Homework is the best way to recapitulate. Forgetting difficult things is in nature of humans, and students tend to do it more than often. To keep them updated, it is best that a certain amount of homework be given, so that they can remember the subject to the core.
  • Another very important issue that needs to be taken into consideration is to match up a link with previous chapters. Very few students are there who make it a point to revise old chapters on a daily basis. In this way, they tend to forget what has been taught to them in previous classes. However, if students are given homework to be done, then they would be able to recollect the chapter in a better manner.

Here, at this point I would like to share an anecdote regarding my child. My little girl was not very keen on completing her work on time. But her teacher was quite strict in regards to giving her a daily deadline. This daily routine her in a great way to score good marks in her terminal exam, and she passed with flying colours. It is then that is homework harmful orhelpful argumentative essay concept was better understood by me.
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  • Homework helps in relating various subjects. Now this can be quite confusing! Well, not to worry. It simply implies that when students are updated regarding their homework, they remain updated about their subjects and topics on a regular basis to a great extent. Hence, when some other connecting subject is there, students can easily understand the reference and this helps in better understanding of that subject.
  • Homework provides great help in performing better. Even if homework is reduced or completely stopped, final terminal exams cannot be stopped. These homework assignments in a great way help in providing complete preparation for terminal exams.

Thus, one can very well find out how it is important to check out is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay, since this provides a complete idea regarding need for this assignment.
In this regard one of the best quotes that can be remembered is that by Einstein, who stated that: “The only source of knowledge is experience.’’
This makes it very evident that these two are completely different perspectives, and it is learning details associated with a subject that is more important than getting a formal education.
Certain other effects of homework:

  • Homework to a great extent since it does not leave much time for students beyond academic pursuits. In this way, over time students tend to lose out all hobbies and merely get interested in academics. This formal learning is also not highly recommended, since it helps in making sure that students stay within a limited zone. This in itself is not good, as true education implies spreading of wings.
  • Another not so very good aspect associated with homework is that students tend to have very little break, and get bored rather. After a whole day spent at school, they do not really want to have much energy to understand and carry on with topics given in homework. Naturally their level of boredom increases.

How is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay a common discussion point:
There have been a number of books and journals that have stated this pint to a great extent. But the argument never seems to die down. This is primarily due to variety of issues that are there to be sorted before taking a side. In this there lies the biggest question as to whether at all a side can be taken.
In this case it is important to note that all these journals provide a type of overview that is not really integrated into learning aspect of a specific subject. On the contrary, in most of these cases, true meaning of education is left behind for merely competitive factors.
It is important that students through each and every assignment be given a specific place, a zone where he or she can function in their own manner. Only when a student will be given that required space, and a chance to understand that subject, can giving homework and completing them give correct meaning. Finally after this can students be able to make a proper decision to do or not to do the given homework, thus providing a logical conclusion to certain is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay topic.