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How to Survive in University Finals?

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

It is not very difficult task to survive in university finals; if proper planning is conducted in the better way by the students it will help the them to overcome this problem.Most of the students are suffering from this problem as they depend on last minute study. Along with that they have not managed their time in the better way, if they have done this before, so students will not have to face this situation which results in stress management.
How to save yourself in University Finals?
There are some points which need to be taken into consideration when students are moving for finals in university.  Students have to do these things before appearing for final examination.

  • Avoid tension

This is the first point which needs to be considered by students, that they should not take tension for their exam. If students take tension during exam weak, they are not free to take up their studies nicely because mind is not free from tension. It is better for students that they should avoid tension during exam times and study well to understand the concepts.

  • Make Proper plan

It is important for the students that they should make proper plan of their study before 15 days of exam, where they will be allotting time on different subjects every day and on last day revision of whole syllabus. This will help them to find out the difficult and easy subjects so that they can concentrate more on difficult subjects rather than moving for easier one.

  • Take the help from your friends

It is better for students, that they can take the help from their friend who is regular college going student. He must be aware of important questions and chapters coming in final term. If they are not satisfied with their friends, then in that case he may take the services of tutors or online tutors who will help them in their studies by preparing their assignment in an easy way so that students can learn them without facing problem.

  • Save your previous exam papers-

It is better for students that they should save their previous exam paper provided to him by their instructor before for any class or monthly test held in colleges. This is mainly done for the students only, so that while studying they can concentrate on these questions only which has greater probability of coming in finals.

  • Revision of your notes-

Continuous revision of your notes will help the students in better understanding of the chapters which he has not attended in the class. It is better for the students that he should have enough material for study especially provided to him by the college instructor. The notes are short and brief which covers every topic nicely for the students.

  • Memorize important concepts

It is better for students that they should memorize important concepts of each subjects nicely by writing down the main points again and again , so that they can able to elaborate the points easily once the point is remembered by the students. By writing again and again, students can grab important concepts easily without facing any kind of problem.

  • Take break between your studies

For better study, it is the important for the students that they should take break from their study at regular interval of time. This will help them to memorize easily as after two hours of break they can find themselves fresh and energetic to do study.

  • Have proper sleep and food

Proper sleep and food is also important from student’s side that is appearing for finals. If students have study better but still he is lacking from food and sleep side, in this case he may not able to appear for finals. Proper food gives your energy and proper sleep gives you relax and if these two things are done by the students in right time. They will able to crack the university finals.

  • Appear for exam on time

This is the last step which should be followed by the students. They should arrive for exam at proper time. They should remain tension free while going for exam because it will help them to remember everything.
Above all these, students should also think how to balance study and work at same time.They should make proper plan or schedule in which they should give preference to important work like study which should be done on daily basis. He should make plan in such a way where he should give 2 – 3 hours for every subjects and last day of the week, he should revise all the matter studied during the week. This will help them to manage their time in the better way and they should concentrate on their study.
I want to share one of the experiences of my friend who is not regular to college and still faces problem at the time of finals. He approached tutors who havesuggestedhim to make the proper plan of study where he divides the work and study at same time. By maintaining the balance between the work and study, he should concentrate on his study as well as doing other task in the right way. Apart from that by following above points, students will not hesitate at the time of finals.
Thus I would like to recommend students that he should be regular to college and note down all the important points and chapters provided to students during college hour by the instructor. It will help them to cover the important chapters which can come in finals. Before finals, students should revise important concepts provided by the instructor along with going through the question papers which have came in previous years as some important questions are also covered in those papers which are likely to come in exam.  These points are best as it will help the students to overcome the main problems from finals.