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How to Set English Homework for Kids with Mental Disabilities

By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016
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In today’s scenario, most of the kids are suffering from the problem of disabilities because of their poor eating conditions. Mental disabilities in kids will result in anxiety disorder along with mood and eating disorder. If the health conditions of the child are not good, he or she will not be able to concentrate ontheir studies.
He/she will run from his homework and other projects assignments thoseare assigned to them from school. Because of this reasons, kids are facing problem in doing their homework in every subject especially in English, which requires more concentration.
What are the problems faced by kids in their study?
Kids with mental disabilities have to face the problem in reading English along with in writing and speaking also. If they are facing problem with these issues, then they are not able to solve reasoning questions which are also an important part of English. There are five main areas where kids will be facing problem in their entire subjects including English. The areas include

  • Kids are facing problem in speaking English language along with listening part.
  • They are facing problem in writing along with reading, dictation, and spellings.
  • Reasoning skills of them are not developing as they are not able to understand the concept in solving the questions.
  • Difficulty in remembering the answers of the questions.
  • Difficulty in remembering the words and meaning along with facing problem in comprehension, picture writing, and framing sentences.

How to set the homework for kids in English subjects
Kids with mental disabilities are facing problem in doing their assignments, their parents or tutors can help to complete assignments in a perfect way so that kids will not face any kind of problem in future.

  • Guiding your child

This is the first step which can be taken up by the parents along with tutors where they can guide or motivate their child in the normal way to complete their assignments. The parents should understand the child behavior regarding the work and then adjust accordingly with the child in completing the work. If he or she takes time in understanding, don’t take tension just guide them in simpler way as how he/she can do his work.

  • Avoid shouting to them for assignments

Parents should avoid shouting to their kids for homework because if parents continue this type of nature then kids will suffer from depression and they will be unable to do their homework especially in English subject where more concentration is required.

  • Stop in between

If you think that your kid is facing some problems in understanding the words or meaning, then take some time for break so that he will able to understand the matter easily.
These are the basic modes which should be followed by the parents to set the English or any other homework for kids. Now we will come across with major points if child takes the services of tutors for their assignments so how they will set the homework for kids.
Look down the areas where child is facing problem
Speaking and writing
Tutors have to look down such areas where child is facing problem in English. If they are facing problem in speakingthen, they should make them speak 5 lines daily in English for some topics assigned by you.On the other sideif the kid is facing up with the problem of writing part then they should note down the important points in the notebook which needs more attention.
If kids are facing problem with comprehension then in that case tutors will have to explain them the basic purpose of it. Next, he can explain the overall theme by telling them the meaning of each and every line.  Explain the important theme to kids in their mother tongue so that they can grab the theme fast.
Words and meaning
If kids are facing some problem in words meaning then tutors will have to provide them with dictionary or note down the important words for them with meaning so that it can be easily taken by them. If same they are facing problem with spelling, then they should be instructed to write the spelling of the particular chapter again and again so that it can belearnedeasily by them.
Reasoning skills
If kids are facing problem with the reasoning skills part, then tutors will have to explain them the question first and then state the simpler method so that kids can understand easily. Tutors can allow them the same questions with difficult theme so that they understand the entire concept easily.
Sometimes if parents and tutors are unable to help the child regarding the work, then parents should move for online tutors who will conduct their work in the better and reliable way.
I would like to share my experience about the child who is mental disable, their parents and tutors have worked in the best manner to complete their English home assignments. The first step taken by parents and tutors involves talk with the child in the loving way so that they may not feel afraid of getting their homework. Next step taken by them is looking down such areas where they are facing many problems in English assignments. Note down all such points and make them revise matter again and again so that in future they will not come across with problem while doing English assignments.
In this way, child will learn so many new things, and after that, they will be perfect in doing their Englishhomework along with other assignments provided by the school. It is not very difficult for the parents and tutors that they should leave the hope as how they will help the child in completing their English assignment if they are mental disable. But there are some common methods which need to be considered before your child sits for doing work. Proper planning and scheduling of their work plan is also one of the best mode where child can develop himself in the  better way.

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