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8 Tips to Study Finance in Before Exam

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By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016
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The word exams are the more terrifying word for any student around the world. Whether it’s a brilliant student or a below average student the word exam haunt them like a ghost and can turn their nights into sleepless nights. When it comes to take exams for finance and account the whole situation convert into a horror story for them.
Studying finance can open many door of opportunities for people. This is the reason why a large number of students enroll for studying finance or want to major in this subject. It is also undeniable fact that studying finance is not that simple as everyone assumes. When students start studying this subject they find it really tough and find themselves in stuck in many places.
At the time of exams things become messier because they don’t know what to do and where to start from. This is the time they need proper guidance or tips that can help them in preparing for exams and getting out of this terrifying situation. Preparation for exams is considered as a confusing and time consuming task.
Preparation for exams is considered as a matter of right techniques, skills and tips if you don’t have these you are not be able to do well. Here are a few tips that will help in preparing for your finance exams.
With these simple preparation skills when you enter the examination hall you will be in the position where you can get best grades and can excel. Using these simple tactics you will be able to know what to revise and what is important to score great marks in finance.

  1. Give enough time for study

Don’t leave it for the last time. There are many students who keep tough subjects for last time. They believe that it will help them in preparing but it not the truth. It has been observed widely that mostly this concept doesn’t work. It is not considered as best way to preparing for exams.
For tough subjects like finance you should start beforehand. Give yourself enough time so that you can cover each and every single topic. Must prepare a time table for yourself first. Make a note of how many days you have left for your examination and how many subjects you have to prepare for. This will help you in organizing your study and will give you some more time to prepare for finance.

  1. Organize study space

Before start preparing for your assessment need to organize your study space. For that you need to check –

  • Whether you have enough space to spread your notes and text books out.
  • Are you getting proper lighting?
  • Do you have a comfortable seat?
  • Have you removed all your video games from your room?
  • Have you switched off your phone, ipods, and audio player and computer?

You must make sure you have a comfortable and distraction free study area. This will help you in focusing on your studies.

  1. Use diagrams and charts

Visual aids can prove a worthy way for revision. You can use charts and diagrams to revise what you already learned. It will help you in quickly recalling what you have already learned.

  1. Solve old questioner

You can also solve old question papers. It will help you to know about the pattern of the question. It will also help you in highlighting important and mostly asked question for preparing yourself.

  1. Explain your answers

You can ask your parents, siblings to list to your explanation.  You can ask them to listen carefully and mark places where you are stuck or you forgot. It will help you in knowing how much you are lacking.

  1. Group studies

Ask your friends to study with you. You can have study session with them and can ask them to ask questions to you and you can also do the same with you. It will be a great help because they know completely about the subject and can tell where you need to give more effort.

  1. Take small break

While you are studying for your assessment it is not mandatory that you study for 24hours in one go. This is not correct. You must study for long hours and as much as you can but you should take small break in between so that you can refresh your mind and can gain a new energy to start with. You can also take some snacks while studying. You can take a bite of your favorite snacks in between your studies or you can use it as a reward for rewarding yourself for finishing a question.

  1. Use e-classes

If you find yourself stuck in somewhere and not getting proper answer or explanation. You can use online sources like e-classes for clearing your doubts.
The above mentioned tips will help you in knowing where you should start from and what to do for getting good score in your assessment. After reading this you must have get the idea how online essay writing help can get you the marks you need. Just follow these tips and you will be able to get good marks in your exams.

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