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How to Prepare Notes for Your Upcoming Finance Exam?

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Exams make every student quite tensed and stressed as all bare a pressure of doing well. Be it school, college, or university scholars, everyone knows their future more or less depends on it.

From following their dreamt career path to having a successful professional life. To do well in exams every teacher and professor suggests pupils to create notes through which they can easily learn.

If you want to do well in your finance exams then, you will have to make notes for your syllabus. However, the question is, are you aware of the ways through which you can make notes correctly? Especially for finance students where there is no room for errors.

Don’t worry, through this how to blog, you will come across tips and tricks that will help you create remarkable notes and ace any finance test which you will appear.

Let’s have a look at it.

Method of learning

You have to remember that everyone is different and thus, everyone’s learning process is different too.

What you require is to find which is the most suitable for you to work. Once you know these your notes making techniques will simplify and you will always get better results.

So, to understand which approach is better for you, you will have to know about all the methods for finance notes making available for you to go through.

Depending on an individual, the method can be visual, colors, audio, and more or a combination of all such things.

Relying on these strategies will aid you to break down essential information which you require remembering during the exam to answer questions.

Now we will see the four distinct approaches in detail!

  • First, auditory learning will be discussed here.

Auditory learning means understanding or learning something by the process of listening.

There are 3 specific ways through which this learning works; the first one is by attending group studies and lectures. In group studies, classmates bounce off ideas and information with one another. When the discussion carries on, hearing such vital information will help you to retain such information.

Next, attending finance lectures is always important even if auditory learning is not your process. For example, professors of finance deal with updated real-world problems and methods to solve them.

Hence, attending their lectures will assist one to gather information that will aid in doing well in making notes.

Next up is listening to audible notes!

Another aspect of this note making process is listening to audible notes. This is something which every student who plans on auditory learning prefers.

In this process, you can simply record group discussions, self-prepared audio notes, or lectures. It will help a scholar to go over it repeatedly till he/she memorize it.

Lastly in this auditory section is the most common read out loud approach. This is the most common method used by any finance pupil whose exams are knocking on the door. By reading out loud and hearing them helps one to memorize every crucial aspect easily.

Next process of learning through notes is reading and writing.

  • Reading and writing

This is one of the oldest and ideal processes to learn, especially for finance students.

Repetition of things helps in learning quickly. Going through same theoretical rules and formulas along with problems will aid one to retain information without any issues.

It is quite possible that people might get confused about multiple approaches which finance has to a problem if not gone through it repeatedly. So, it is essential for you to re-read everything so that there is no confusion possible during exam.

Now let’s see writing notes and re-writing approach.

This is the best form of making notes for any of the finance programs. When people go through the process of writing and re-writing, they will have that information without a chance of forgetting them.

What more is that people have to practice sums in finance numerous times. Hence, doing so writing and re-writing helps in understanding the concept without any chance of confusing it during exams.

This is why most finance students such as you; opt for this approach over others. However, always remember to choose whichever way suits you ideally.

Now, look at visual learning process.

  • Visual learning

This is quite a new approach to studying and making notes. In this procedure, a student understands and learns new things with visual representation’s assistance such as diagrams, pictures, graphs, tables, etc.

In this method, you can underline and highlight any topic, sentence, or information with different colored pens. It helps in going through such important texts later which summarizes a topic or portion of syllabus which serves as notes.

Also, you can utilize initials or symbols for writing particular words. This works as a great reminder that would help one to memorize a whole bunch of information related to that specific symbol, initial, etc.

Moreover, you can create appropriate content under different headings, bullets, sub-headings, etc. for learning quickly.

If you are a visual learner, then such visual representation of pictures helps in recalling what you have learned through this note creating process. Thus going through it in your mind will assist you in revising everything continuously.

  • Kinaesthetic learning:

This is the fourth distinct procedure of learning. In this approach, a scholar opts to learn through physical activities.

Basically, it’s about learning with real-life instances such as practical labs, workshops, etc. It helps in going through various finance real-world problems and practicing those helps one to retain various valuable information.

Also, in this people learn through hearing, sight, smell, touch, etc. Though this is not used by most finance students when preparing notes for exam, if this works for you, then should definitely opt for it.

Sorting supplies and organizing notes

One of the most important thing before creating notes is keeping stationery supplies handy. It helps not just making notes easy but also makes it an enjoyable and easy task. Having the correct tools saves time when making notes and also makes revising quite easy for all.

Now let’s talk about organizing notes. What you have to keep in mind is that you should take precautions that will assist you to keep confusion way when learning from notes. Hence, ensure that your note is clean and neat.

To keep it clean and tidy, you must make sure that you don’t mess things up or need to scratch off information when writing. So, be very careful when writing! To avoid any confusion related to using notes, make sure you create them unit wise. This helps in understanding which topic comes under which unit.

It will help in not just learning information but also learning which finance chapter falls under which unit.

Structuring it using heading and subheading, are crucial. You will know which point comes under which portion, that will aid in remembering answers of question easily.

Also, ensure dividing information into small paragraphs. This classification assists in understanding any topic in detail without leading to any confusion.

Bullet points should be used so that you can go through your notes within minutes if needed before exams. There is no need for longer sentences or paragraphs in your notes.

Short and simple is the way to go!

Next, ensure underlining vital data or information so that you can choose which portions to go through in a time of crisis. Also, use horizontal lines as it helps in dividing sections according to your need.

Lastly, write down a summary of every unit after completion. This will help in going through an entire unit in short whenever needed.

Upgrading notes

Always keep in mind that it is not a onetime work.

To have everything you need, you require upgrading your notes regularly. Whenever you come across any information which is associated with your finance subject, make sure to add it.

Daily update will aid you in creating a comprehensive finance note which will definitely guide you to a successful academic life.

Another way to improve your notes is by comparing it with your classmates. It wills also help you come across multiple ideas and data that might improve your notes and enhance your knowledge in the process.

Moreover, use technologies as much as possible to bring innovation to your existing finance notes. This point is discussed in detail in the next part.

Creating notes with technology

In modern times, it is observed that technology helps scholars in learning process more. It also, aids in understanding multiple concepts efficiently that help them in preparing for their exams.

To record for auditory learning process, smart phones happen to be the ideal option for pupils of modern age rather than tape recorder or other devices. Hence, use your Smartphone for this purpose and concentrate on such recordings to memorize it.

Moreover, through smart phones, one can simply shoot an entire lecture and use it later as a visual learning process. Also, this will help in jotting down essential points in a topic while viewing a lecture.

Apart from a college professor, never fail to gather information from your private tutor and the internet. This will open doors of collecting new data for your topics.  Lastly, you can join finance forums and other discussion groups for getting ideas about real-world news in the world of Finance.

These are the common ways of preparing notes through which you can gain a lot. All you need is to choose which is ideal for you to make notes.

Once you can identify that you will be able to create notes easily and learn everything you need to ace your exams.

Now let’s have a look at the important finance topic which you should be careful about when making notes.

Topics to ponder when making notes

One of the most vital topics of Finance is corporate finance as most students try to do well in it and make it their specialized area. It offers a great opportunity of having a remarkable and successful career which is why most scholars opt for it.

However, if you want to specialize in corporate finance then you would have to be clear about the fact that it is about maximizing value of shareholder along with handling a firm’s financial risk.

Corporate finance offers managers a chance to identify as well as analyze multiple corporate strategies and other possible options. Managers analyze this and then come up with strategies or process which helps in increasing a firm’s value.

So, in real world, there are numerous data available along with multiple strategies which offer different outcomes. Since it is such a massive topic, often students get confused managing it? Hence, you will have to go through various topics under this when making notes and ensure to incorporate related data to do well in it.

Apart from corporate finance, investments also play a crucial role. Thus, you should be able to clearly describe the concept and more in your notes so that before exams you have no confusion and ace any written test.

Also, one should be able to create notes and categorizing it as debt finance or equity finance. The clearer the concept is to you, the better chance you have of making notes that will aid in learning information easily.

Another critical point which you should know is that whenever making notes, ensure discussing it with your professor.

They can guide you in the correct way and help you get details that would be impossible to get your hands on otherwise.

You are now aware of how to make notes adequately to ace your finance exam. All the steps mentioned above should be followed when making notes.

It is something which will help you in coming up with remarkable notes that will help you get the desired marks if you go through it repeatedly.

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