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How to Overcome the Problems in Math Homework to Get Excellent Grades?

By Michelle Johnson
1 Oct, 2016

National Research Council (NRC) in 1989 termed Mathematics as the ‘gatekeeper’ for success or failure both in academics and career. This statement comes out to be unyielding and accuratetoo as the ability of reasoning and judgment is often based on the mathematics skill. Why do I say so? This is because; it is the only subject that has the same rule, laws and understanding everywhere in the world. This makes math be the most neutral and unbiased subject to judge someone’s merit,
As a kid, I often noticed that most ofmyclassmates, including me, very liked math very much. By the time I was in high school, my father had got a promotion for which we had to move to a different country. I had a lot of problems in adjusting to people there in the beginning. The only common thing in that school was math class. There also people had the same feeling that they dislike math.
A few years later, I was going through a paper done by a University of Chicago professor that people suffer from “math anxiety” for which they find not liking math more socially acceptable rather than trying to figure out the problem.
After from this major issue, there are several other issues that one faces while solving math:

  1. Lack of concentration:

Math being a subject entirely based on logic and reasoning, it needs a good amount of attention to get it clear. This mostly happens in kids and the habit remains even when you grow up.

  1. Lack of learning support:

At school, it gets difficult for a teacher to keep an eye on everyone. Providing guidance for a better understanding is imperative.

  1. Silly mistakes:

Many children are good at math, yet they make small mistakes. Less concentration is not the sole reason for it; theprimary reason is the sensory motor fails to sync with the work being done. This happens due to anxiety.

  1. Wrong math practice:

At times I have seen children tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It is not due to lack of practice, but it is because of wrong practice. This requires proper attention so that they don’t repeat the same thing again.
Now that we have talked about the problems knowing the solution is equally important. There have been many social experiments and research to understand why math being the most used subject, is also disliked the most? Very surprisingly, basic of math is something that even the least educated person also is aware of. So it is not something you should dislike.
So that you can change your strong- stanch negative feeling towards the academic discipline let’s see what can be done.
8 Ways to overcome problem in math homework for excellent grades:

  1. Daily practice

Solve your problems daily. When you learn a chapter at school, try and address the exercise at home. The best part is you can check the answer and do the process.

  1. Solve before you move on

Don’t just skip problems or chapters because you are not able to understand. If you skip problems, then those will pile up and you will never get the concept clear. I’m sure you have noticed that most of the chapters are interrelated and has at least some connection. So, it is vital to finish a chapter before you move on to the other.

  1. Don’t be a quitter

Learn to motivate your own self. I used these tactics and I still do, trust me it helps a lot. Be determined that you can do it and you will be able to solve even the trickiest problems.

  1. Don’t just stick to school books

Have you heard of ‘Sudoku’? It is an excellent way to create interest in math. There are other MCQ books which do the same. Mental math is the best way to improve and increase your base in math.

  1. Math Dictionary

I know this sounds quite absurd, but it works miraculously. Make your own math dictionary using symbols, explain their usage, write down the formulas and see how it works. This helps in an excellent way.

  1. Share your knowledge and help

Ask your friends to come over and you all can have a Math show or quiz. Write down problems for each other and solve them. This is not something that only nerds do; you can also make it equally fun and exciting.

  1. Review errors

Rechecking the sum and the process is necessary.The best way to do is by seeing the answer first if you have just started dealing with the problems. This is one of the best ways to enhance your energy and understand of math.

  1. Sometimes use the internet for productive work!

Many online helping sites guide you in a perfect way to do your math homework and assignments. You can get your job done by them at times to see the way they are doing it. This is because they use experts from the same field of the subject. You can check some online homework help services.
These are the ways by which you do your work without having much trouble. Now you might think why do I need to do themath if I don’t like it? Very relevant question, but the thing is that your sense of reasoning depends on this subject.
Even in your professional field, math is something that one cannot avoid.  Be it logical, aptitude or analytical test, this is a certain subject. So the best you can do is prep yourself in math and get good grades without any hitch!

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