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How to Inculcate the Habit of Doing English Homework in Your Children?

by Jun 16, 2016Homework Help

English is a subject that we all ignore blatantly until and unless we are absolutely forced to study it. It is one of the easiest subject to start with at the beginning, but once you get into middle school due to ignorance, people start fearing it because of the various papers you have to write on each book which will be graded. Plus, the additional homework causes a lot of trouble which makes people hate it with time.
Homework is always troublesome; there is no doubt about it. But, if you inculcate certain habits into your child, homework time will become less hassling and will go through smoothly, without your child fearing English or the assignments attached with it.
‘There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.’
Good habits: a must
Habits are what humans live by and once you introduce them into your life, it becomes much easier to cope with life’s problems. It is the same thing with homework. It has been seen that children who have been doing homework form a small age are more inclined to complete them on a regular basis, than a child who was introduced to it later. Thus, develop good habits are a must, especially if you want your child to finfish their homework without stirring any tantrums.

  • Introduce them early:

It is imperative to instil a habit or to make them love something; you need to introduce it to the children at an early age. They are more receptive to suggestions and idea and are more likely to listen to it. Read to them when they are young or sit with them with story books and allow them to make an effort to read. This helps them to like the subject better, if not love it.

  • Make them read a lot:

When they are at an age where they can read, supply them with ample amount of books. This makes them instil in them a habit of reading which will be useful in the later years when they have tons of homework to complete. It also helps them develop their language skills better.

  • Enunciate:

If they have developed the habit of reading, make them enunciate. This allows you to correct them and makes them learn better.
These habits will certainly help your work easier as it makes them like English. The more amount they read and practice, the better they would be at completing their homework, minus any tantrums as they would like the subject better.
How to make them adopt the habit of doing their homework regularly?
If you are child is at an older stage and refuses to listen and follow any of the above, then you need to adopt a different method. There are many kids, who despite every effort, simply dislikes English, which is perfectly natural. For them, you need to establish certain guidelines that will help them to complete their homework in a limited amount of time, without causing much trouble and will in turn, become a habit. Listed below is how you can achieve that.
Get organized
One of the easiest ways to inculcate the habit of completing their English homework is byorganizing and making a plan. Always list down the books your child has to write a paper on and keep separate folders and notes for homework. Keep all the pens and dictionary at hand so that no time is wasted. Try and keep a calendar listing the days they have homework to complete and set a weekly and daily checklist to effortlessly complete them.
Set a routine
The best way to inculcate any habit is to make a schedule and follow it on a regular basis. Set a particular time that would be suitable for your kid aside as homework time and do it regularly till the day you do not have to goad your child to do your homework.
Get rid of distractions
Distractions are the biggest enemy of homework. It is what keeps the kids away from homework. With so much of technology at hand, children are easily distracted nowadays, compared to what had been during our times. There’s television to watch their cartoons, they have video games to play for long hours, they have laptops to watch a movie on; the possibilities are endless. Thus, whenever your child is sitting down to work on their homework, it is essential that you get rid of all these distractions. Make sure they are all switched off, and if possible, assign them a separate room, free of all distractions, to complete their homework.
Encourage your child to ask for help when they require so. As a parent, it is always productive to help your child with their homework. So provide any amount of assistance that they would need.
‘Good habits are worth being fanatical about.’
Parents are always worried about their kid’s education and their biggest worry is the homework associated with it. To get rid of any troubles caused by this, it is essential to adopt and inculcate good learning habits that not only minimizes the problems but also makes the child like the subject better, as they get acquainted under better circumstances. Thus, to promote good studying environment, it is essential for the parentto be patient as they require some time to develop. Keep motivating your child and if the problems still persist, a tutor might help ease those problems.