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How to Get Cases in Financial Management Textbook Solutions

by Jul 19, 2018Management

Hey guys! How are you doing? So, your next assignment is to get cases in financial management textbook solutions and you are worried about it?
Although there are several cases in financial management solution manual available online, yet it is essential to have proper knowledge about the subject financial management as it is a topic that is important to the easy functioning of a firm.
Financial management is that part of management which helps a firm to manage money in a way that the objectives of the firm are met to the best way possible. It helps to build strategies that guide in achieving the goals of the company.
Case studies are a very important part of learning a subject especially one like financial management. To verify your case study results you can easily go online and check out for cases in financial management answers.
Now let us learn the reasons that make case studies such an important part of education.
The case studies are target specific
Case studies generally have a target subject or aspect around which it revolves. You will never find that a case study is irrelevant in nature. Thus, when you are investing your time in completing a case study, you do not have to worry about your time getting wasted. All the time invested and the energy given gets a fruitful result. Moreover, in the present day, cases in financial management solutions are present online that can be referred at any time.
Learn to give proper content
Customers today are aware of the market. So, companies need to give a clear impression about their goods and services and case studies can be the best possible solution. So while learning financial management, if you learn how to get cases in financial management textbook solutions, you can easily get absorbed in companies.
Helps to provide proof socially
Case studies are basically real-life stories that are written theoretically. Thus if you can make good sample case study in financial management, you actually provide a written proof about an aspect of the business that can be accessed socially. This, in turn helps in building the trust of consumers towards a company.
Your brand gets a good position
If you support your brand image with statistics or facts, people will believe in them but if you use cases in financial management textbook solutions, you are bound to get your brand at a better position. Your consumers will take your brand more seriously in case your image is supported by an authentic case study.
These were the several reasons that make case study an essential aspect. Let us now go through few guidelines that are necessary to come up with a professional case study. You can also go through some solved strategic management case studies online to get more in-depth knowledge but the basics have been discussed as follows.
Case preparation
Before writing a case study, you have to first understand the case and prepare the required points to be included in the case study. You can check out few cases in financial management textbook solutions to get an idea about how to prepare a case study.But initially you should always go for a proper examination of the case, taking notes and underlining important point and the main issues is essential.
A proper focus should be put on analyzing the case by understanding the reasons for existence of the problems and how the problems are affecting the company. Without understanding the issues, it is impossible to solve them. So, proper analysis is mandatory part of the process.
The next point should be to try to come up with possible answers to these issues. You can do this by reviewing data; you can also go for discussions with people who are related to the case. Proper research work can also be carried out to come up with appropriate solutions. You can also check out cases in financial management textbook solutions for related cases.
Among the possible solutions that you have found out, you should choose the best possible one. After the choice has been made, you need to rationalize the advantages as well as the disadvantages that the solution may have. The feasibility of the solution should also be kept in mind.
Case drafting
After collecting all the data required, you should make a rough draft of the case where you can include the following points รขโ‚ฌโ€œ

  • There should be an introduction to the study

There needs to be an identification of the major problems that are to be addressed and a statement of thesis should be prepared which can be in the form of a summary of the analysis made. You can easily check out some cases in financial management textbook solutions to get a clear idea.

  • The background of research needs to be mentioned

All the data collected that are relevant to the case, the facts, the problems faced with proper demonstration of the complete case study should be written.

  • The solutions that were rejected need to be mentioned

You should try to mention few of the alternative solutions that you rejected with appropriate reasons for rejection. The constraints that made these solutions unfeasible at the present time should be written.

  • Pen down the suitable solution chosen

Write down the solution that has been chosen and supports it with enough facts to justify the choice. All the concepts derived from discussions, research etc. needs to be mentioned here. Also you can support the solution with a related personal experience.

  • End with appropriate recommendations

You need to write about the process that you undertook to successfully complete the case study. You can mention the online cases in financial management textbook solutions that guided you in the correct direction.
Case finalization
Once you are done with a rough draft for your case study, you should sit for rechecking the draft and go for any correction required. Have a flexible attitude and be ready for making all the necessary changes, go through few more cases in financial management textbook solutions if needed before you make a final draft.
So students! This was all that I had to share. Hope it was useful to all of you and wish you all the best for your case studies ahead.