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How to Eradicate the Burden of Homework from Your Child’s Tender Shoulder?

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Help

The mere mention of homework is repulsive for kids. Spending a lot of time studying at school and coming back home to face the ordeal of homework is more than children can, and would, like to manage.
If the burden of assignments on your tender shoulder proves to be excessive, here are some effective ways that can help you to make the process of homework easier for you.

  1. Choose a comfortable place
  • The spot where you would like to sit down for study can play an important role in developing your interest in performing homework. In case your study spot is a congested, noisy and unclean one, you will not be capable of focusing on your assignments. You will find your mind wandering off in various directions.
  • You should try to make your place of study as clean and organized as possible, so that you can get all the supplies easily and can pay full attention to your work. It will make your assignments fun.
  • You can keep fresh flowers every day in a vase on the table and its sweet aroma will encourage you to sit for studying.
  • Make sure that the study table is illuminated properly, so that the area does not look dark and uninviting.
  • Keep everything nicely in place, from notebooks to stationary items, carefully arranged around the lamp.
  1. Listen to soothing music

It is easy to have your mind move in different directions, especially when you are faced with a hard, stressful and seemingly boring task such as homework. When you listen to soft and soothing music, you will have your mind being calmed and focused immediately.
Make sure that the music is not distracting and loud. It should be non-distracting and slow, making your mind focus more easily. With this type of homework style, you can develop more interest in your studies and find homework to be easier.

  1. Take breaks in between

It is essential to get up from studying to get relaxed while doing the homework. Well, homework might never actually be fun, but what you can do is ease the process as much as possible. This will refresh your mind, and you will come back rejuvenated to your study desk to finish off the rest of the task as fast as possible.
As an example, if you have been attending to homework for 45 minutes at a stretch you should devote 15 minutes to break. Although it can somewhat break your concentration, it will make your assignments more interesting.

  1. Ask someone to help you

In many cases, you can be stuck with difficult homework problems. The complexity of the subject or the fact that you are studying the subject for the first time can be the cause of this problem. This can make you lose all your interest in the homework and begin to avoid it.
It is a good idea to get your parents, a friend, an elder cousin or a private tutor to help you with homework.

  1. Study with a partner
  • It can be very boring to study alone at times, and there can be times when you might go napping on your study table when you are studying all alone. You can cope with this issue by finding a study partner or engaging in group study, helping each other out in completing homework.
  • In group study, you will not get bored, as you will always have someone in the group saying something. Other than making homework fun, it will also make you more dedicated regarding your assignments.
  • If you wish to find out whether you would do better in a group setting, you can start by inviting over a few classmates for a study session. You can work together in finishing the assignments, bounce various ideas off each other and discuss possible solutions to homework with your friends.
  • This will make homework more interesting for you. However, you should be responsible enough not to waste time gossiping about school and actually use the group study sessions to get your homework done.
  1. Get some snacks

Snacks can be a great way to add fun to even as boring activities as homework. You can get adequate nutrition and get some relaxation too. Munching on snacks in between homework can make the activity very enjoyable and relaxing for you. Healthy snacks can improve your mental well-being and boost your brainpower, making you more attentive. You can get more amused and have a fun homework time.

  1. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself for successful completion of assignments can make homework interesting for you. Rewards can promote interest in homework for you. You can get something that awards you for your dedication and efforts, and boost your enthusiasm to work in a timely fashion without making any mistakes.
You can reward yourself in any form, such as going to the park, munching on chocolate or an ice cream or reading your favorite comics strip. Slowly, you will find yourself motivated in homework even without any rewards.  It is a note for parents that make an effort to find measures to help your child face homework battles.
Watch educational videos associated with the subjects
Although there are plenty of advantages with theoretical knowledge, it can be slightly boring. Studying can be dull with only topics to read and memorize. It is essential for you to add some practical experiences and knowledge along with theory, so that you can make your studies fun. This also applies to your homework assignments.
You should search useful videos associated with your homework topics, in order to understand your lessons more easily. Educational videos can make homework entertaining for you, and make it easier for you to remember the topic. Keep in mind that learning through the visual medium can have a better impact on the mind than learning by writing or reading.

  • Associate homework with real life

You can connect homework assignments to the actual world to raise your interest level in homework assignments. You can request your parents to take you to parks, local museum, zoos and other places that have a connection with entertainment and homework.
By connecting the real world with your academic lessons, you can understand your study topics much better and hold them more conveniently. This will assist in clearing all the important concepts and can make you smarter. It is obviously a great way to make homework fascinating and exciting for you.

  • Play educational games

You can use this strategy in various ways. You may convert your actual assignment into an entertaining game. For instance, if you are working on homework on vocabulary, you can develop a matching or flashcard game.
In case you are learning mathematics concepts, you may use small candy pieces to learn the numbers. When you eat some of those candies, division and subtraction of the units can be more fun. In case you are unable to device inventive ways to transform homework into games, you can try to play brainteasers such as Bingo, Connect Four, Scrabble or Chess to warm up before studying.
Sitting for homework is never an enjoyable activity, but the above tips can be very useful for you in making the task seem less of a chore for yourself. Follow these well, and you will feel more motivated in finishing your homework assignments as fast as possible.