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Homework or Playing Football! Which One Should Get the First Priority?

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Solution

There is always a question that is frequently asked students “Which one should get the priority homework or be playing?” This is also a great concern for students who have keen interest sport but have pressure or willingness to score good grades in exams. Student finds themselves rather in tough space because they don’t know how to choose their priority between sport and homework.
Student life is the most overwhelming and fun of your life. However, this is also the time when they have to set their priority. This is the time when they need to find out what is more important in their life- either studies or games or any other activity. Sometimes they don’t want to give up on any of these things. Students want to make a balance between both activities studies and sports.
Balancing the personal life, studies and sports can be an exhausting thing for many of them. Fortunately, if they are willing to spend some time to figure out how they can manage everything, they will eventually find that they could balance both their sports and studies well and enjoy every bit of their academic life.
Here are a few tips that will help you in balancing everything:

  • Focus and organize

When you have decided to balance between sports and studies, it is important that you stay focused on what you have decided. You also need to get organized and stay organized so that nothing hampers and you can remain stress-free. You can use a desk calendar to plan your activities related to sports and studies.
Note down all due dates for paper, homework and projects, as well as record all the practice schedules and time of important matches. Check your calendar now and then so that you won’t skip any important event or get enough time to prepare for that.

  • Make a to do list

Start with making a master to-do list that includes all you another curriculum, study and social goals, your obligations and desires. You can do it for both long term and short term goals that you are willing to achieve. This will help you in seeing your interests and goals clearly. It will also assist you in dividing your time wisely to avoid any messed up situation.
You must try to create a realistic timeline that you think you can use to meet your goals. Organize your list according to due dates and set due dates next to every activity. This willhelp you in holding yourself accountable for achieving the deadlines that you have noted next to every activity.

  • Finish task in to do list

You must stick strictly to your to-do list and the due dates. You must finish the tasks you have delineated in your to-do list. If you follow it with determination, it will be easier for you to track what you are done with and what you still need to finish. It will also help you in relieving your stress that often with not ignoring deadlines set by you.

  • Manage your time perfectly

The best way to make a balance between your studies and sports is the way how you manage your time. You must manage your time with challenging demands sited on your time. You must plan out your time according to your know schedule. You include each and every single instance of your time. Including –

  1. School time
  2. Sports time
  3. Practice time
  4. Personal time
  5. Travel time to school
  6. Travel time from school
  7. Time to practice
  8. Time from practice

By mentioning this time in your calendar will help you to know how much time you have to finish your studies or homework.

  • Plan your week effectively

For balancing things, proper planning plays a crucial part. A well planned week can help you in balancing all of your all activities without stressing yourself or fighting against time.
First of all look at your calendar and see what projects you have due, which tests are scheduled in the coming week as well as your game scheduled and schedule of your practice. After then, start planning for when you are going to study and how you are going to do all the things that are expected in this week.

  • Use your weekend wisely

After you finish planning your week doesn’t forget to use your weekend wisely. You must use your weekend as the preparation time for the coming week.
Start preparing for the homework you have scheduled for this week. You can use this time for reading your chapters and taking notes from them ahead of time. You must use this time for preparing and planning for homework and projects that are due. If you use your weekend, wisely you don’t have to be stressed out for the whole week.

  • Use your free time

You don’t want to choose which one is more important for you, sports or studies and want to balance both at the same time. Then you must use every single instance of your day in doing something productive.
You can use your free time whenever you have for studying or doing your homework. It will help you in getting some extra time that you can use for your other activities. You can also use this additional time practicing if any important game is scheduled for the later date.
You can also use your resources to the library, your teacher and online professional help for finishing your homework before time. For maintaining the balance between your passion and studies, it is important that you must know the best ways to stop being procrastinator for better results.