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How to Complete Assignments You Are Not Interested In?

by Jun 29, 2016Homework Help

Usually, spending up to 8 hours in class is enough work for one day. So, knowing that you are coming home to another pile of work that has been assigned in class is not a fun prospect. Some days, you may just want to lie around and do nothing, but it is hard to do so when you know you have pending work to complete.
However, if you feel the need to motivate yourself and give up on procrastinating, then there are quite a few methods you can apply to your study routine in order to complete the assignments you are not particularly fond of.
Methods you can employ
Before you decide to do your assignments, you have to feel the need for it. Motivation is the key to completing any work. It has been said time and time again that, “Starting is the hardest part” – and this stands true for any work you intend to do, especially work that you are not fully invested in.

  • Being your own motivator

Staying consistently motivated is almost harder than trying to do work your dislike. This tends to be a problem with most people. Hence, you have to find a way to motivate yourself every day. And this motivation should not kick in just when you are about to do your homework, but you should wake up every morning and push yourself to feel good about the day. Being in a good mood definitely aids in going about your day systematically and successfully.
All you need to do are little things. You can use quotes from some of the most motivational speeches you’ve heard; even little excerpts from books by your favourite author will do. Write them on post-its and place them where you are sure to notice them; even eating your favourite fruits in the morning to feel energetic helps a great deal in proceeding with your day.

  • Complete the uninteresting work first

A common mistake that most students make right through their years in school and college is they tend to complete the work they enjoy or are interested in, first. This may seem like the easier thing to do in the beginning but it is far from it. Once you have spent most of your energy and time finishing other homework, you will have close to no will power to complete assignments that you are not particularly fond of. Try and reverse this process, focus on the important things but try to complete the boring assignments first.
Even if you do have the time and energy once you are done with the homework you enjoy, it is easy to procrastinate and put off till later the other assignments. So, try to avoid making this mistake and you will manage to finish all the assigned homework you have.

  • Organize your study area

For some keeping themselves and their surroundings is a necessity, for others it is too much work. Having a messy room or study area is not very conducive for good work habits. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is make your bed. This will help you to feel more awake and productive at the very start of the day. Similarly, you should always keep your desk and essentials neatly organized. This way you will feel driven enough to sit down and focus at the task at hand, i.e., completing work that is rather drab.
You can even be creative, colour code your files and necessities. This will make your study area seem bright and inviting. It will definitely encourage you to be constructive.

  • Do the required research

A lot of the time, assignments seem uninteresting to us because we do not understand them, or because we do not know enough about a particular topic. Before you begin any assignment ensure that you have cleared all your doubts and queries with your teacher. Then, once you reach home, search for information about your topic online. This way you will be adequately informed on the subject, and you will have information for your assignment as well.
“Understanding a topic means you have completed half your work.”

  • Get proper assistance

If you are having difficulty completing your work on your own, and you’re finding it boring because of a lack of understanding, then you should definitely ask for help. It is ideal to get a tutor or teacher to help you with the topic, but even a friend who is well informed will help.

  • Take regular breaks

It is easy to get tired and feel drained when you are doing something that you are not particularly interested in. It is very important that you take hourly breaks in order to clear your mind and allow yourself to get energized enough to do more work. This will also get your blood flowing and help you think. Take a walk, lie down or simply talking to a friend for fifteen minutes or so will be helpful.
These are just a few ways to help you complete assignments that you do not enjoy or are not interested in. Since all homework must be completed, you can try to these methods to help motivate you to do so. You should modify the above guidelines so that it suits your study methods. At the end of the way, you should stick to a process that works for you while remembering that it is easy for new habits if you are really dedicated to the cause.