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How to Balance Study and Work at the Same Time

by Jun 29, 2016Homework Help

In a competitive world today, one must know how to maintain a balance between study and work at the same time as both are important for survival. To be a socialized human being one needs education and then job in order to earn a proper livelihood for oneself as well as the family. Therefore, these two important aspects of life should be managed very efficiently and carefully. Even a little bit of unbalance or improper management of the two can lead to catastrophic results for the life of an individual.
Why is it important to balance study and work?
Since, the modern world runs at a very fast pace as compared to the former era, therefore every individual living in this modern era needs to go hand in hand with the rapid changes taking place every day, every minute, and every second. To do this, it is necessary that equal priority should be given to education and job.
We are being taught the importance of being educated since childhood. It is very important to hold the right qualification for doing any kind of work. So, we can say that study and work are mutually dependent and thus, both of them should be balanced. When one is properly educated then only he or she can work and earn a living.
How can work and study be balanced?
As mentioned above, both study and work are an integral part of our lives and thus, they need to be balanced by every individual. In order to do so, one can follow certain steps such as:

  • Plan your Day:

To manage study as well as work properly, one can prepare a long term and a short term plan. Long-term plan can be followed and implemented on a monthly basis whereas the short-term plan can be used as a derivative plan to support the long-term one. This planning may include as to what has to be done at what time and which task or lesson needs to completed at a particular point of time.

  • Prepare a schedule:

The plan that is prepared can be written down and framed in the form of a schedule, specifying timings for a specific work or activity. This will help an individual to allot time to everything including academics, job activities, sports, recreation, and personal life.

  • Divide the work:

Here division of work implies the division of study lessons, routine activities, and the job related activities that a person does. This arrangement shall be helpful to a great extent and the person will be able to do everything he has planned to do in a particular day, week, month, or year.

  • Include leisure time activities:

For a proper schedule to be effective enough there must be inclusion of leisure time activities in it as well. As it is rightly said, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy!” So, if a person will keep on working and working and would not take out time for leisure activities, then life would become boring and the person will neither be able to focus on work, nor studies, nor the other things in life.

  • The schedule needs to be flexible:

The schedule that one prepares should be very flexible so that necessary changes can be made to it as and when required. It must not be rigid because there may be times when one needs to make changes in the schedule that he or she follows.
Along with that, there are some special tricks as well that can help a person to manage work and studies effectively and efficiently. They can divide the subjects that they have to study along with other activities too. If one needs help or guidance in doing so, he or she can go for tutors who will help them prepare a plan and teach them how to work according to the plan thus prepared.
What else can be done?
So as to develop a balance between study and work, one can go for how to survive in university finals in which he or she will be able to find the ways and means of scoring well in university exams and bring better results for a bright future ahead. This consists of tricks and tips for studying and working in such a way that both the things are done in a proper and balanced manner. All these will be helpful for the college students in surviving in the final university exams.
Now, I would like to share one of my personally encountered experiences in this regard. I had a friend who was struggling with her studies and wanted to excel in the work life as well. She wanted to give her best performance in both studies as well as job.
To get rid of the problem and stress that she was going through, she decided to plan her day and work according to a schedule, which she prepared. Initially she faced some problem in making the plan so what she did was she took help from her tutor and he helped her in formulation of a well-framed time table in which both the study and work were being managed very well. It included division of activities at the work place, college, home, personal life and much more. The day she started following it, she saw astonishing results in her life.
Therefore, I want to conclude that if one works according to a pre-determined plan or program and sets some objectives to be achieved, he or she can very easily create a balance between the studies and the work. This created a harmony in student life and at the same time in the work life of a person. The best part is that, he or she can easily work and study together and fulfill the dreams, whether they are career related or based on academic excellence. All this can only be possible if one learns to maintain the balance that has been created.