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How Lesson 7 Homework Practice from Saxon Can Prepare 5th Graders for Complex Math

by Apr 20, 2017Mathematics

One of the most important subjects that a child needs to focus during his or her early school days is math. In fact, the subject has been ever important due to its role in sciences. With technological advancements happening all around us, this is probably one of the most important subjects a child should try to fair well and excel at. And having a clear concept of math right at the foundational level is crucial if he/she wants to pursue science later on.

An outlook

Saxon Math is one of the most popular math books out there. Many public schools have opted to use Saxon to teach its kids. This book, available both in paperback and online, is a handy curriculum for all kids out there. For fifth graders especially, Saxon Math has been lauded a lot due to its clear and concise study material. Elementary school teachers and even middle school teachers consider Saxon as a wonderful source of knowledge for the budding mathematician. For other great study material, you can always check this blog out.

The chapters in the book have been made in a unique manner. While some chapters look quite basic, others clearly stand out in terms of how they have been explained. Now, one of the most vital topics in the book happens to be its lesson 7 in section 1. This chapter is where kids learn all about ordinal numbers but with more details. It not just helps in understanding the value of various numbers, but it also helps you comprehend comparison to larger numbers. It is so important that you can’t excel at maths without regular lesson 7 homework practice.

While learning basic math, kids need to learn about larger numbers. This builds a foundation for the more complicated math they need to do at junior high school. The knowledge of the units, tens, hundreds and thousands place builds the necessary foundation. This enables children to understand the magnitude of larger numbers. It also gives them an idea of various units in everyday use, e.g., money.

Some basic concepts that a child can learn through lesson 7 homework practice

  • Ranking –

Understanding ordinal numbers, a child can get an idea of what is larger or smaller in magnitude when compared. In other words, they learn to judge numbers or values relatively. They understand the process of ranking and ordering. Sorting becomes easier for them, which is a fundamental process.

  • An idea of money –

Using the value of figures, and learning in depth about units place, tens place and so on, children get an idea of how monetary figures are represented. This is the base using which help the students differentiate between figures like a million and a hundred thousand. For example, placing of punctuation (commas) after three numeral figures from the right side is a vital activity the children can learn from this chapter.

  • Odd and even –

Studying in details about numbers, give students the idea of odd and even numbers. The difference between prime numbers and divisible numbers are another part that can be taken care of in this chapter. Saxon Math has provided enough exercises which the child can practice for some lesson 7 homework practice.

Other Vital Concepts

  • Studying ordinal numbers in details creates a strong base. This strong base is a pre-requisite for further higher knowledge in middle school or junior high, subjects a bit more complex. For example, lesson 7 on ordinal numbers will not only teach you something as basic as addition and subtraction but will also prepare you for concepts like sets. Operation on sets are complex and need a better understanding of the number system, and lesson 7 homework practice will prepare you for just that.
  • Another vital concept that studying ordinal numbers can help kids grasp is that of finite and infinite. The difference between ordinal and cardinal numbers, along with the concept of set helps kids know what is finite and infinite. It also gives them an idea about countable and uncountable. Even understanding sequences get easier when you have studied lesson 7 in detail.

So it is quite clear that the chapter on ordinal numbers is a foundational lesson. It not only teaches you basic operations on numbers, but it also prepares you for complicated lessons on set theory and sequences, thereby giving you an advantage over other students. It ensures you have a less harrowing time in higher grades.

However, both teachers and parents must realize that the student should be given due time. A lot of information forcibly thrust on the kid will not only be confusing, but it will also take away interest from the subject altogether. To know a bit more about teaching skills, a bit of online assistance is always helpful.

Teachers must be both patient and responsible. They must responsibly explain and teach these concepts to the kids. Then ensuring about enough lesson 7 homework practice also comes under the job fulfilment of parents and teachers. These are some of the key concepts that will make the students’ life easier at school. It will also prepare the kid for taking up science. So if that is what you want your child to do, make sure he is up and ready for taking up maths and useful courses such as the ones mentioned.