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Do Not Allow Funny Homework Quotes To Lose Homework Its Importance

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Help

A quotemeans to repeat or simply copy words in context of what we are saying. Well, the most amusing or wonderfully similar would be the quotessaid by mommies to their kids regarding studies. Jokes apart, but it seems that putting a kid to follow aregime of homework is a tough task for all the parents worldwide. Kids mostly tend to get bored of homework or are demotivated of tasks which kill their leisure time. Again this is another topic of debate, as we are here to discuss funny homework quotes. Homework or home task is one of the oldest practiced since ages to make the child understand his chapter well.
Why is homework important?
No one can challenge the importance of homework.This is because it helps teachers to analyze how well a student can easily grasp the given work.  Aside to it, let’s discuss the significance of it.

  • School time is not sufficient to completely understand the topics. A few hours devoted at home for homework makes the kid get a better grip on the topic.
  • Time management, routine follow-up, getting responsible towards own tasks are another positive aspects of homework.
  • Though many funny homework quotes are popular, yet the concept of homework keeps the parents updated regarding the child’s performance, shortcomings, and strength in studies.

Downside of homework
As everything has two sides, homework,too, has a flip side.

  • It tends to become amundane As an individual, not every kid enjoys or derives maximum from the home tasks.
  • The homework is not designed for a particular student. It is for the entire class. For kids who need to meet demands on different sections,generalized homework proves a waste of time.
  • Parents too sometimes tend to over-help or sometimes do it themselves as they feel there is too much burden on the kid. One of the funny homework quotes defines it as “I miss those days when homework was just about coloring.”

Quotes are significantly important
When we are short of words, we quote. However, homework has famous positive as well as negative quotes. The reason being its ambiguous nature. For some students, it is the best way to work on their studies, and for some, the concept doesn’t work at all. But sometimes students are not mature enough to choose a correct statement.
As human nature, we need to program our brain for hard work. But forchildren, very few are motivated or informed enough of the helpful and the necessity of executing home tasks. To make an independent decision the child’s mind is not mature enough. So if a kid clings to quote which is one of the funny homework quotes, he will not be able to justice with his homework.
We cannot deny the weight of quotes in our life. Motivational quotes work for depressed people, confidence boosting quotes works for low confident minds and so on. So before throwing randomly a fun making quote for homework, think twice.
Abolishing the funny homework quotes
It is asavage idea, rather deal it maturely. Erasing completely will not solve the issue. Sometimes negative work as positive too. It can add an element of humor in the boring tasks. As a famous quote says “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” Kids too need a break from their studies, and humor is one of the best rejuvenating elements provided to them.
Mostly funny homework quotes are born in universities and schools. The highly famous and popular ones can be a measure of how much the pressure is thrust upon the students. It states facts about homework.
It also reminds you of the homework struggles you had encountered while finishing your tasks. Methods you had discovered to finish your work help provided by your parents or sometimes rebuked for being lazy. A lot of memories float in when we come across a quote full of pun and satire on homework.
Ask a child on how he would prefer to spend his leisure time and majority will say different things but rarely would prefer homework. But when they read funny homework quotes, a feeling of homogeneousness sinks in. Studentsfind they are not the only ones who are made to do their tasks. Mostly all students go through the same ordeal.
What should be the correct approach towards homework?
We all know that balance is needed for everything. Too much of anything is harmful, so instead of giving tons of boring home task, try to frame short but meaningful tasks. Letthe funny homework quotes spared for humor rather than a meaningful echo from students. The quotes should be a voice against it but rather a way to show one’s own shortcomings while doing his tasks.
We give importance to things in life to those things that we respect. So the homework should not be degraded as it is of immense importance for a student’s academic career.