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Getting over the Fear of Mathematics with Math Homework

by Nov 6, 2016Mathematics

Mathematics is the foundation of many technological and scientific discoveries. However, for many people, it is a four letter word that stirs up series of emotions from dislike and worry to outright fear. The most severe form of math anxiety is math phobia.
This is the factor which kept many students from pursuing more challenging disciplines because math plays an essential role in those disciplines. If you are one among those who terrified with math, just read these steps to find out how you can cope with this phobia and maybe you find a way to see math in a more useful light.
Solve problems on daily basis
Students who fail in overcoming the fear of math problems one of the most common suggestions for them is to resolve these problems on a regular basis. The usual practice session will help you in making sure that you can get rid of the fear of math problems. At the same time, it will also assist you in covering your entire syllabus in no time.
This is why teachers always recommend their students to practice numerous sums on a daily basis.  This will also help your mind in concentrating as long as your session continues because it often tends to lose of attentiveness irrespective of how sincerely you are working on it. If you are stuck, somewhere you ask help from your teachers and parents. You can also opt for online professional help.
Mix it up
To get over the fear of mathematics with Math homework is by working on the variety of sums. This way will help students in ensuring that they can maintain a certain level of concentration while practicing sums. It will also assist them in gaining a variety of knowledge. This way you will get two things in one shot. You can overcome your math phobia as well as can get good concentration. This is a worthy option for many students.
Take it up as a challenge
Once you have started practicing math problems on a daily basis, you must try taking it up in the form of different challenges like –

  • Puzzles
  • Brainteasers
  • Stumpers

On the other, you can also take up a challenge of solving a specific number of math problems in a particular period.
It will increase your speed as well as help you in increasing the number of sums you have solved in a fixed time interval. This will also be a helpful way to prepare yourself for your exams with practicingmath problems while tracking the time at the same time.
Try group studies
A group study is possibly the most efficient way that must help you in solving problems in no time. This method is extremely successful as far as for any other subject or mathematics for that matter is concerned. The reason behind it is very simple because the different student has different perspective and doubts.
Use calculators
Numerous institutions allow the usage of the calculator during exams. Often this turns out to be extremely beneficial as no one will expect a senior student to be able to do particular subtractions, addition, division or multiplication.
Thus, such arithmetic’s could turn out to be a total waste of time for students in higher grades. The usage of calculators also makes sure that student is confident to try out the more complex problem and to sit doing a long calculation for an easier sum. Additionally, it also makes sure that the answer sheet of the students is free from calculation errors.
Brushing away mistakes
This approach is extremely efficient as far as the students are worried. This will make sure that the students can dismiss any mistakes made by them. Therefore in the long, run it will help in boosting up our confidence level by a great deal.
Frequent checking answer
Mostly math book contains answers at the back of the books or the back of the exercise. This will help students in self- verifying their answers and in trying to correct their mistakes by themselves.
Additionally, finishing a couple of sums and checking out how many problems have right answers will help you in a great way as far as increasing your self-confidence is paramount concern behind this approach. It also helps you in getting a clear idea about the current position of your preparation.
Use some creative approach
It is well known to everyone that many means and ways can solve a mathematical sum. Once you finish a particular problem, you must be looking for a new way to solve that problem again and again. Subsequently, at the time of examination, you must as well want to use a method that requires less time in solving.
This is a highly useful approach during exams and in the long run as time management as a key aspect that is considered at the time of examination for students who find themselves unable in managing time accurately. They often end up leaning half paper because of their poor time management, especially in math.
Mathematics is indeed a tough subject that needs a lot of hard work and practice but if you are determined to practice is on the regular basis it won’t remain that terrifying anymore.
For students it is evident to get the phobia of this subject t because of its extensiveness but if you want to become a pro you can overcome this phobia the only thing you need is practicing on a regular basis. Regular practice can also help you in dealing with the homework issues for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).