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6 Things You Should Always Keep in Mind to Help Your Adolescent Child in Studies

by Nov 6, 2016Homework and Assignment Support

Every parent wants to raise a responsible and capable child. I am sure you are one of them too. You too want to fulfill all your responsibilities as a guardian.  Welcoming a new member of the family is an amazing beginning. As the child starts growing up, your responsibility increases.
So how do you raise your child properly? How to make him/ her responsible to take their decision on their own? How to teach him/ her to take the responsibility of own choices? Aspects like these become very important when you are parenting an adolescent.
Education is the most important foundation of a child’s future. As a guardian, you must help your kid to take the right steps ahead. If the child can understand his/her duties properly, she/he will do well in the studies too.
Make your guidance fun, not a punishment:
All I want to say is your guidance shouldn’t turn out to become a burden for your child. You must see your responsibility as something joyful for your child.  Remember you have to teach her/him how to control his/her own responsibilities. You shouldn’t control his/her life as per your perception.
Certainly, you have the right to look after your children. But make them able to take decisions as per their choices.  They have to be self-responsible for their lives to have a motion. Teenagers or students also want to feel that they matter to the world. Make them realize they make a positive contribution to the society.
Now, if you have trained your child to feel responsible for every step he/she goes, move on the studies. Many parents worry about how to help their child in studies. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. Here are some useful tips that can help you out.
Most of the middle schools and the high schools use the online grading program. You have to prepare your child as per the system of his/her school. You can use the following tips to make a proper schedule for your child.

  • Create a calendar:

Teach your child the effectiveness of a large wall calendar.  Show him/ her how to track all the assignments with markers. He can set different colored markers for each subject and project. Tell him/ her to mark down all the assignments, appointments and activities on the calendar. He/ she can also use the online calendar. Online calendars can be synced to multiple devices such as smartphones and laptops.

  • Create a weekly planner:

It is easier to do. Your child can create weekly plans instead of monthly plans. Things would be too simple to handle. Tell him/her to assign required time span for every different project.  He/she can also print out the weekly charts.

  • Create daily schedules:

It may seem to be an over-enthusiastic plan, but it works. Breaking down the weekly plan into a daily checklist could be very effective. These small steps really help the long-term plan to be successful.  Your child can keep track of his progress by checking out the to-do list. It’s an easy idea to check out his/her daily progress.

  • Set out a comfortable location:

Check out what the right place for your child to study is! Which place does he/she prefers the most? Is it the library, the study room or the bedroom? Every child is different in nature. Some may find peace in a calm and quiet place.
On the other hand, some need a mentor r friend to guide them while studying. You have to understand your child’s need properly. Arrange the perfect set up for his/her study.

  • Get all the materials ready at hand:

It can be very stressful to lack all the needed materials while studying. If your child has to look for the pencil or a note in between his/her assignments, that’s distracting.  Give your child a place to store all. He/she needs to be ready while studying.

  • Establish rewards:

It is a very useful and effective one. Help your child to set up a rewarding concept.
For instance, every project he/she completes, you can let him watch the TV for ten minutes. Or you can prepare his/her favorite dish. Eating a yummy dish between math and science homework is a great motivator.

  • Keep your child away from all the distraction:

When your child is reading, no one or nothing can disturb him/her. Keep all the family members or the phone calls of relatives away from the learner. He can receive all the calls and the family get-together after finishing up his assignments.

  • Set out a specific time routine:

Try to set out a specific schedule for your kid.  He must be involved in studies for a long amount of time. Studying constantly for 5 to 6 hours is a good plan. But make him/her able to take short breaks in between the homework. Ask him/her to wash his/her eyes with cold water after staring at the computer screen for hours.
You might be thinking these are very little steps to take, but these help a lot. If you express care and support towards him via this help, he/she can concentrate more on the homework. Ultimately it’s his/her life. Your child has to set apart the ways on his/her own. You can help her/him in taking the steps towards the journey of life. Have a happy parenting experience.