In order to evaluate the forces which are acting on a given body, it is necessary that the body should be isolated mechanically and should be taken off from all the surrounding bodies. The only forces which can be taken into consideration are the one which are acting on the given body.

A free body diagram is actually comprises of the isolated bodies along with the external forces on it. One should be aware of different steps involved in the formation of free body diagram. Let’s discuss the same.

  • The forces which are represented on the free-body diagram must be the one which are utilized but not through the free body.
  • The diagram of free body is selected based on the problem. The selected body is then insulated from the ground and is departed from the surrounding bodies. After all such procedures the contour of free body is made.
  • There are certain support reactions in the free body diagram and they should be designated accurately in order to make the diagram.
  • The learner should keep in mind that free body diagram must have all the dimensions as they are extremely important in order to compute the extent of the forces.

Free Body Diagram 0.1

Free Body Diagram 1

Free Body Diagram 2

Free Body Diagram 3

Free Body Diagram 4

Free Body Diagram 5

Free Body Diagram 6Free Body Diagram 7Free Body Diagram 8Free Body Diagram 9Free Body Diagram 10Free Body Diagram 11Free Body Diagram 12Free Body Diagram 13Free Body Diagram 14Free Body Diagram 15Free Body Diagram 16Free Body Diagram 17Free Body Diagram 18Free Body Diagram 19Free Body Diagram 20Free Body Diagram 21Free Body Diagram 22Free Body Diagram 23Free Body Diagram 24Free Body Diagram 25Free Body Diagram 26Free Body Diagram 27Free Body Diagram 28


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