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Figure Out 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework

by Apr 22, 2016Homework Help

Can you ever imagine that there can be 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework? Incredible, right? Well, I understand that like me almost every student has to undergo very tough situation everyday as loads of homework are there to complete, isn’t? Being a student, you can never be an exception to that. This is guaranteed that you are likely to get rid of your everyday hurdle for staying relaxed and tension free to some extent. That’s why you definitely require some tricks to evade those issues. Basically, “We all have to work for happiness.”
Well, though it is really needed in some cases to avoid burdens of homework, you should never forget about its benefits in our lives. Homeworkoffers a great many positive aspects and it helps us to stay attached to the included subjects daily. Regular engagement will allow you to score better. So, it’s better not to steer clear of your homework but if there is a real problem you can take advantage of those tricks going to be discussed below. On the other note, sometimes it is really hectic for us as our health or mental state doesn’t allow us to finish off our work. At these cases, you may definitely try out one of the 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework.
Now, check out those creative excuses or tricks which can be mentioned to handle the wrath of your teachers.
25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework:
Well, it is quite normal that sometimes, our mood doesn’t permit us to do anything, not even our assigned projects. These conditions are completely considerable but as we all have some strict teachers, we need some tricky methods to make them calm down. I have tried out some of the below-mentioned ones and some points have been checked out by my friends. You can also 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework use these for your own:

  1. Forget to bring that copy:

You can tell that in spite of finishing the homework, you have overlooked to bring that copy with you.

  1. Don’t understand the question:

You could not get what was the meaning of this question and that’s why you were unable to finish off your task.

  1. Don’t recognize when it is to be submitted:

“Oh! I have to submit it today?” This can be the tone to avoid your task for that day.

  1. My younger brother has torn the copy:

Your brother or sister younger to you may be blamed in that case as they can easily bother you in many ways.

  1. Excuse of sickness:

You may explain that you had been seriously ill for the previous few days.

  1. Have lost book or copy:

You were incapable of finding out your copy or textbook and that’s why you couldn’t do your work.

  1. Excuse of illness of other family members:

You can also put stress on a health condition of your near and dear ones. Though it is not an ideal thing to do. Your conscience may create anobstacle in that case, right?

  1. Have not completed it:

You can also put the responsibility on the lack of time as for this; you have not completed the homework assigned to you.

  1. Have to attend some other classes:

Other classes or tuitions were there which you needed to attend for your betterment.

  1. Important family function was there:

Some significant function was there which could not be avoided.

  1. Pet has eaten homework:

Another significant reason can be your pet which doesn’t understand the vitality of homework or assignment and it has eaten that up while playing.

  1. Insufficiency of reference materials:

You may also express that the desired resources were not there and that was the reason behind the incomplete or undone work.

  1. There was power cut:

Load shedding can be held responsible in that case and it would be one of the greatest among 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework.

  1. Printer stopped working:

Project papers may need to be printed and when your printer stopped working, what could you do, right?

  1. Computer crashed:

You have to do your task with the help of computer and you can certainly denunciate it by mentioning that it had broken down at the peak hour.

  1. Internet pack was over:

The internet plays acrucial role in garnering information. So, you may surely state about its finish.

  1. Absence in the classroom:

Another cause can be helpful. You may deny the fact that you were present on that day when the homework was assigned.

  1. Death of a relative:

Try out saying that one of your relatives has expired.

  1. Busy with extracurricular activities:

You were busy in doing some extracurricular activities and that can be one of the significant causes regarding 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework.

  1. Have to go to doctor:

You may tell that you had an appointment with thedoctor which was mandatory.

  1. Have to help my neighbours:

One of your neighbours needed help in some serious case and you had to help that person.

  1. Relatives have come to the house:

Accuse your relatives who had come and you were supposed to attend or entertain them.

  1. Father has taken away the copy unknowingly:

Your father has kept your project in his suitcase when he was in a hurry.

  1. Mother has thrown it away unintentionally:

Your mom hadn’t get your work and threw it in the basket.

  1. Friend has not returned the project:

Mention that a friend had taken your book or copy but he or she didn’t return it within the proper time.
All these can be held responsible and all of them are quite impressive, right? Try out these 25 Creative Excuses for Not Turning in Your Homework for avoiding loads but don’t try them regularly. Avail them when there is a real need of doing that. Remember, your facial expression and attitude must be appropriate in thecase of doing that. Share this with others right now! After all, “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”