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Explore the Different App Ideas for College Students

by Apr 16, 2016Homework Help

How many student apps do you think is useful? Is it possible to find enough number of applications suitable for students? No matter which OS platform you are using, there are ample choices of apps that can be of great help to students. In order to enhance the learning process and ensure high amount of productivity, there is a need to have a good app ideas for college students. Out of many apps available, which do you think worth spending time on? Here you can get an idea about the different applications that can be useful for every college student.
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  • Dropbox:

In case you are looking for a storage application, then Dropbox can be the ultimate solution. To avoid any mismanagement, it is important to have a right tool in hand that can keep you organized. Dropbox has the ability to handle varied documents, videos, music and photos. Every user will get a 2GB of free storage while students can save their money by adding an extra 500MB whenever you recommend a friend.

  • Mathway:

The other app ideas for college students are Mathway. It gives you the mental strength to solve mathematical problems with ease while eliminating the guesswork. Different mathematical functions can be explored ranging from algebra to calculus. But, being completely dependent on it can’t be a solution! Work on your own before putting the question into this math app.

  • com:

To make your English language really strong and influential, dictionary.com is an important app that needs to be installed. If you are unable to understand what your professors and lecturers are saying and language becomes a barrier for your study, then choose this application. With a simple search, you will get to know the actual meaning of the word.

  • Pocket:

Apart from Dictionary.com and Dropbox, pocket can also be considered as an essential app ideas for college students. This app has the feature of bookmarking videos, articles and other content that you look up to whenever you have time. One of the best features that can be experienced through this free app is that you can make effective use of time just by reducing any distraction.
Time management app ideas for college students
Today, there are many students who prefer to study online and have their degrees by pursuing online courses. Therefore, it is important to stay organized and manage time well. Your study can surely be improved, if you install some of the best time management apps that are currently available through your app store.

  1. MyLifeOrganized (MLO):

In case you are online college students, then there are innumerable activities that need to be performed in a particular day. Being an adult learner, you need to cope up with different responsibilities and so have a schedule that is based on your time flexibility. Through this task management tool, you have an opportunity to keep things on priority basis including your course.

  1. iStudiez:

If you are worried about what are the different apps every students should have, then it is one that needs to be considered. Check out this app, if you are truly concerned about managing class schedule, homework, quizzes and exams. Sync every detail along with your grades to keep a record. You can stay on track while attending classes and have confidence to score well in exam.

  1. Time Camp:

It is an app that gives an opportunity to handle work that you are truly in need to manage and ensure that you give enough time to the task that you are presently performing. Through this app, it is possible to understand where you are investing the time and ensure better management for improved efficiency.
Homework application for better assistance
The best app ideas for college students would be something that can assist in the subject and give a better understanding. Students usually struggle with their assignments and homework, and to give ease to every student there are many app developers who have come up with amazing list of homework apps that supports Android phones.

  • RefMe:

In case you find the research papers to be a daunting task and still want to have citations correct, then it is an appropriate app for you. It is important to come up with a strong bibliography page that can make an impression among professors. It helps to focus on content and also avoid any kind of nuances of Chicago and MLA styles. Students can scan barcode of books and journals or can paste an URL to get their citations in different styles.

  • My Study Life:

This is truly an impressive add ideas for college students. It is known to be a powerful app that helps in proper scheduling and planning of task. You have chance to store valuable information and allow syncing schedule across different devices.  So, you can easily keep a track of your task that ranges from classroom work to homework and exams. Therefore, there is no chance of failing any deadlines related to your assignment!

  • Chegg textbooks and study help:

This app is also available free of cost from your Play Store. It is an app that comes with stack of textbooks that can really be of great help while studying. Take a snap of your book’s barcode or search with the title to save the cost of book up to 90%. There is no need to buy books, but rent it and get the necessary notes and study help.
Moreover, all these apps turn out to be functional only when you are physically and mentally active. To stay fit it is important to install an application known as MyFitnessPal. As a student, you not only experience mental exhaustion, but also health is affected. The app ideas for college students, would suggest looking for health and fitness app that can manage eating habits and make your way of living healthier. Students often fail to maintain a proper diet before exams; either they eat too much or too little which have a disastrous effect on health. Therefore, with this app monitor the nutrition level and finally lead a healthy life.